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7. Single player commands Can only be used stand-alone game, or test mode. Can be used in the whole game. Level up: adding a digital X represents the number of grades need to improve after -lvlupX command, X is not entered, the default is 1 Refresh hero status: -refresh refresh the cooldown of your hero skills and items, and restore life and magic. -refresh ## refresh No. ## heroes Sent troops to command: -spawncreeps two parties to send troops, send troops do not interfere with the normal Produce rune command: -powerup refresh rune, rune does not interfere with the normal production. Note that if you already have one or less than 5 seconds ago will not produce a new one. Refresh neutral creeps command: -neutrals refresh neutral creeps. Note that if there is a camp near the unit can stop the refresh will not refresh. Suicide command: -kill immediately let your hero can kill -kill ## deaths numbered ## heroes Remove the eye: -killwards remove all eyes on the map Add money order:cheap louis vuitton outlet online -gold # increase # Money Qing command: -killall / -killsent / -killscourge kill all soldier / Guards soldier / Scourge creeps Now Resurrection: -respawn Set time: -timexx hour setting game Multi-select mode: -noherolimit can select multiple heroes Trees rebirth: -trees make regrow damaged trees Refresh meat mountain: -roshan refresh mountains of meat Create a Hero: -dummy create enemy hero (10 Centaur) in the middle of the middle river -fog open the fog of war 8. AI command: Need to type theauthentic louis vuitton outlet following command before the "-o", "-c" or "c" as a prefix: (Eg. "-oa", "-ca", "Ca" are lawful order) Tip: XX representative gamertag (1,2, .., 10), you can use "," separated enter multiple code (for example, "-oa 2,4,5".) a or a XX: AI attack enemy bases. This command can be used to cancel sd. When you use this command, AI will have a period of time not to play wild or defend the base. d or d XX: AI defense of our base. sd XX: AI left behind our base. When the bases are still the enemy combat, AI will always stay until the enemy to retreat. You can use a command to cancel. b XX: AI front slightlycheap louis vuitton outlet back. f XX: AI retreat to the fountain. p [l / m / r / n]: (Example -cpm National Road push.) All the way to advance to the friendly AI (l, m, r on behalf of the left, center, right), this command can be response depends louis vuitton outlet storeAI is free. Type pn means getting all the way AI choose the way they prefer to push. g [l / m / r] XX: (Example -cgl 3,5 Order No. 3,5 AI push the left.) Specifies the friendly AI immediately to advance all the way (l, m, r on behalf of the left, center, right) (instant). AI will be rushed to the rear of the designated route Friends parties. t XX [target]: (Example -ct 1,4 8.) (Order No. 1,4 AI attack the player on the 8th) Target location (provided that the target is visible). neut: On / Off switch AI playing creeps. auto: Open / Close AIlouis vuitton outlet online Wrap-way switch. roshan, roshanXX: AI attack Roshan. ui: displays a list of commands. You can also type just a space to display this list. tango: eating tree replacement therapy creams (must be entered within 60 seconds) flask: treatment creams instead of eating tree (must be entered within 60 seconds)