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In the fantasy story dwarf (Dwarf) and humans are creatures of different races, but the game dwarves and humans are closely linked, as LOTR in Gimli and Aragorn has deep fraternal affection. Legend dwarves originally derived from Norse mythology Duerge R (Duerger), according to legend they orcs (Orc) and goblins (Goblin) has a deep hatred. Forgotten Realms, there are four kinds of cheap louis vuitton outlet onlinedwarves: Shield dwarves, gold dwarves, wild dwarves and Duerge R. War3 in King of the Hill (MountainKing) is a heroic warrior, in the famous Kua men, he became a nightmare. These traditional craftsman who can skillfully driving tanks, helicopters and artillery guns to make use of those savage ethnic taste of modern taste. Highly popular hero of the Grand Master (Archmage), these white beard elderly but their lives into the endless magic studies. Grand Master (Archmage) is a magician (Mage) prestige classes, the Master in the crowd, in the Dragonlance, the Master School of the points is to use color to indicate gowns, much loved Raistlin is the strongest Klein big black robe Grand Master, and Lord of the Rings in a white robe is clearly superior than the robe presence, blouis vuitton outlet onlineut not a white robe that divinity Gandalf and Saruman when the glorious sense of tremendous effort had plunged him down Mody. In fact many power setting of the Grand Master of this Dan is quite terrible, but the game is set in order to balance the spell may not be controlled within a reasonable range, how much harm Archmage Wal. Magician and no historical data available for reference, they exist in myth among Merlin (Merlin), Medea (Medea), Searcy (Circe) these names have become legend. Priests (Priest) and the Sorceress (Sorceress) is that we are familiar with the unit, there is the magic of the story and ultcheap louis vuitton outletimately their existence, even if it is difficult kimchi online games lack priests and warlocks. The role of the priest in the army is always so obvious, usually referring practitioners Priest Catholic clergy, good reply Department of incantation; and Warlock Master has artistic temperament in DnD setting, some magicians think they flow with the Maronite descent, they cast through inner strength, rather than the rigorous training, which is a talent, they only rely on pure willpower, and warlocks do not like teamwork, of course, this game is not suitable for our lovely Sorceress, and in Postponed force in their stealth and become sheep are heavy enough to give strong skills light. ] cheap louis vuitton outlet online authentic louis vuitton outlet cheap louis vuitton outlet louis vuitton outlet online louis vuitton outlet store