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"From the National Day began recruiting, increased transportation vehicles, expanded space ......" upcoming "double-October" for Dazhou number of courier companies, as the annual "spring."

According to Dazhou Postal Service analysis and forecasting, sending pieces per day this year, "two-eleven" period will be 2.7 times the usual. For this reason, in the "two-eleven" Logistics Summit approaching, West Reading reporter for Dazhou city courier industry were visited understanding. Courier companies recruiting war "bachelor"

"ME! ME! ME! Salary Jobs couriers, Baochibaozhu package posts!" In the "double-October" is approaching, reporters from Dazhou major recruitment network found that almost all of the courier Dazhou area in a lot of companies are hiring courier. Welfare and treatment, it is out of the attractive salary, food and accommodation, cheap louis vuitton luggageincluding training, more courier company directly marked "Package fare", "calls subsidies" and other initiatives to attract job seekers to come to candidates .

"As long as you ride a motorcycle, tricycle and own transport, express love for the cause and have a high sense of responsibility, the familiar road can recruit Florida City, just one week novice training to be proficient." When a reporter to the candidates by courier when dialing telephone Dazhou a courier company, the official said recruitment information commission 1.5 yuan a courier information is true, and most of the courier company "desperate."

Reporters at the beginning figured, if the commission 1.5 yuan per single courier, sent 100 to calculate the daily courier, courier month "delivery" revenue will reach about 4,500 yuan.

"Usually express delivery commission at 0.9 yuan per unit, 'two-eleven' period will be increased to 2 yuan per unit." November 10, when the reporter interviewed reach states through courier companies, general manager Chen told reporters, usually The company courier staff of about 20 people, the monthly salary of about 4,000 yuan. In order to face the "double-October", the company not only reserves a courier to send pieces of 40 members, but also improve the delivery of every single delivery of the commission, a large quantity of courier delivery may reach 9,000 yuan monthly salary.

"Last year 'double eleven' peak comes, the courier who almost every day from morning to evening, and often ran the day hungry." Chen, general manager said that as from Chengdu,louis vuitton wallet men Chongqing and neighboring cities Florida Express are sent over arrive early in the morning, no later than 6:00 in the morning will complete the work within the company sorting sorting centers, 10:00 front to be taken to town each delivery outlets, 13:00 forwarded to the county. Therefore, the courier would have 8:00 to sorting courier company, then began working day delivery.

"Do not think they will get more than 8,000 yuan a month salary is very easy, the delivery was not easy to live!" According to the courier Liushan Ping introduced in the two-eleven peak comes, he delivered 200 per day courier, almost from morning 8:00 of overtime to 0:00, because the evening will disturb customers express delivery to rest, so he often choose in the evening sorting, finishing each line of parcels delivered according to plan during the day and then turn the line.

Post Authority to deal with 3 days to send pieces peak

"As the country is located in Dazhou Midwest, and many Florida citizens online shopping products businesses, mostly in the north Canton, according to the logistics and transport situation, Dazhou express delivery will mark the peak after November 14, and will continue until the 20th after .louis vuitton neverfull bag "According to the Postal Service Dazhou a person in charge, the city acquired the operating license courier companies have 14, record 63 branches, settled express brand up to more than 20 towns courier network coverage over 60%. The rapid development of express logistics industry is not only greatly facilitate the people's production and life of the city, but also for the city's economic development and make a contribution.

According to incomplete statistics Dazhou Postal Service data analysis shows, the Florida market, Dazhou courier to send income ratio of about 6: 1. Only from January 2013 to October, Dazhou courier industry average amount of 29,162 pieces a day camp, "two-eleven" period the average daily amount of 55,648 to send pieces; January-October 2014 the average daily amount of 36,461 pieces of pie, expected "double eleven" during this year, sending pieces of daily volume will be close to 80,000.

"In the 'two-eleven' eve, Dazhou Postal Authority, 2014 cheap louis vuitton handbagsthe Municipal Public Security Bureau and relevant departments of the postal sector social supervisors, not only on the part of the courier business outlets within the jurisdiction conducted a special safety inspection, also organized postal EMS, SF, tact, Shen Tong, home delivery courier company to carry out 'security-based, development should, serve as a' theme to promote its consulting services. "Dazhou Postal Service official said, as do the" double-October "peak periods express Collection and Delivery work, Florida courier industry 'early preparation, early mobilization, early deployment', plan in advance to ensure that "the whole network is not paralyzed, the focus node does not burst positions," strive to achieve "Baochang Tong, safety, security stable" goal.

According to reports, in October this year, Dazhou also founded the courier industry associations, and was founded in association received more than 80 copies of returns from various courier companies, associations and therefore hopes to play role in coordinating arrangements for the courier industry personnel , vehicles, venues, effective integrated marketing resources industry, to develop contingency plans for the season, to ensure that the courier industry self-regulation.

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