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Vortex tornado
Refers to two or more shares tornado around a common center of rotation of the vortex with. Multi-vortex structure often appears on violent tornadoes, and these small whirlpool in the main area after the tornado will often cause more damage.
landspout, the US National Weather Service said the dust-tube tornado is a term used to describe a mesoscale cyclones and is not associated with tornadoes. Tornadoes and waterspouts have some of the same characteristics,cheap louis vuitton outlet online such as strength is relatively weak, short duration,funnel clouds condensed to form the small and often do not touch the ground and so on. While strength is relatively weak, but tornadoes will still bring strong winds and severe damage.
Can be simply defined as "water tornado",usually meaning non-supercell tornado in the water. Waterspouts can blow turn the boat, destroying the vessel, when the winds have a greater land damage, and lost their lives.
Long absorbing a tornado alias, because sprang from the ancient mythology, the waves, the clouds in the East China Sea dragon very much like its name, it also has many aliases, such as "Long-absorbent", "Long wagging tail," "upside dragon "and so on.
Tornado on the water absorption is the dragon in the land is the ordinary tornado. Tornado is the air flow, the air is invisible. Tornado central pressure at the end, there are attractive. Attract dust, moisture and other debris. Due to gravity, liquid water can not long after the sky, Long-absorbent, water will be sucked into the sky to fall,authentic louis vuitton wallet the formation of rain, so that the so-called Long-absorbent is a tornado.
Long absorbent is an occasional tornado over the warm water,
August 22, 2012, Guangxi Beihai appear Dragon absorbent Figure
Its upper end with thunderclouds phase, the lower end extends directly to the surface of the water, the air around the tornado's rapid rotation axis. Central pressure is extremely reduced by tornadoes attraction, water is sucked into the bottom of the scroll, and then turns upward swirl around the axis.
Tornado commonly known as "Long-absorbent", which is toward the ground or water from the bottom of a narrow range of thunderclouds and strong winds swirling wind greatly.
Tornado wind is enormous. Tornado near the center of the horizontal wind speed of up to 100 meters per second or more, in extreme cases, up to 300 meters. 12 wind speed is equivalent to more than 30 meters per second,resulting in the destruction of abnormal amazing.
Large tornado wind
Primarily within the large number of air escaping a tornado, so the air is very thin tornado center, pressure is very low, and peripheral air pressure difference is particularly large.louis vuitton damier ebene Typhoon center and its periphery average difference 20 mbar air per 100 km (pressure units), while the central and peripheral air tornado difference of 20 meters long, the pressure difference amounted to 20 mbar. The greater the pressure gradient, the greater the wind, tornado wind than the big typhoon Shang Hao times, but the scope of the tornado involved is small.
When the whirlwind occur on rivers, lakes or the sea, it will form a tornado. The cold air masses through the atmosphere when the water body, the warm moist gas rising upward, forming a huge column of water. These jet of water passing from the sea, they will leave a trail formed by water vapor.The diameter of the water column from a few feet to hundreds of feet unequal length over 1 mile (1.61 km), deep into the depths of the cloud. Weaker than the whirlwind tornado at sea,louis vuitton damier bags often only when they are on land through from, will pose a threat to people.
Fire whirl
Very rare tornado forms, combined with the flame from the tornado.
Brazil Fire whirl
Tornado picked up the flame up to a few meters, like a huge dragon rotate forward.
The "dragon style" is mainly due to unusually dry weather and strong winds fueled the fire here. Air dry the extent Sao Paulo region have caught up with the Sahara.
Fire tornado called strange fire, fire whirlwind, means that when a fire occurs, the air temperature and thermal gradients meet certain conditions, to form a vertical swirl flames, straight into the sky whirlwind rare phenomenon. Swirling flames occurred in the bush fires, flame heights ranging from 30 to 200 feet, the duration is limited, generally only a few minutes, but if strong wind can last longer.
Gust volume
Is a small vertical direction and gust fronts and downbursts related rotating airflow. Because they did not, strictly speaking, and associated cloud, so if they belong to a tornado also controversial. When a spill from a thunderstorm in the dry and cold air flows through the overflow fast moving edges still warm and humid air will cause a rotation effect (available "roll cloud" interpretation), if the low-level wind shear is strong enough,louis vuitton damier this rotation will be horizontal (or inclined) carried into the ground and influence the end result is that gusts volume. The direction of rotation is not fixed volume gusts may also clockwise counterclockwise.
Dust devil
Dust devil is a special rotating convection heat gain due to uneven ground locally formed. In the process of the formation of dust in the wind volume,after the air passes through the periphery of the thin layer close to the ground surface toward the central portion is heated,the rotational energy of the air in the periphery of the central portion is formed to be strengthened Dust devil, the rotation energy of the original having a rotating hot soak and a portion of local concentration of the energy conversion and the formation of potential energy, which is determined by the direction of rotation of the initial rotation direction of the heat convection bubble.
Notably,louis vuitton outlet online tornadoes and Dust devil is completely different, tornadoes are the product of a thunderstorm clouds. Dust devil strong ground warming generated by small cyclones, dust and light ground to roll up small objects to form a rotating column of dust features.

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