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Whether an event will be forgotten, the number of events with its contact, it evokes emotion and time, as well, and health status. But generally agreed that the initiative with respect to memory, forgetting is passive. That is, people can actively choose to remember something, but can not choose to forget something. In order to avoid important information is forgotten, people usually practice review. Physiological mechanism According to the theoretical interpretation of brain research on the physiological basis of memory made, in memory of the time, the establishment of new synaptic connections between specific neurons. When people want to remember pieces of things, these individual synaptic connections will become a "network." Bring the benefits of the network, when the information needs to be read, the process may not necessarily be the starting point of the message itself, but also may be other nodes on the network.2014 cheap louis vuitton handbags Then follow this cut the connection between the nodes and node information required (the process is called Lenovo), the brain can also get the information you need memory, and loads it into the "Memory" in. This also explains a single event to establish links with other events, the more is not easily forgotten. In contrast, a single isolated event easily forgotten. Forgotten Since there are two: the first is the disappearance of memory synaptic connections. The second is the memory synapses temporarily inactivated. Both results are the same, that is, the brain tries to read the message failed. But the second explanation better able to explain why the people on the "impression" of things that can go faster or longer accept memory again. This is the preview has been advocated reasons. The review, it is the brain repeatedly to read a message, on the one hand reactivate those memories inactivation of synapses, on the other hand, you can build more nodes connected to the information, in order to achieve a faster reads the next the purpose of the information. Time-dependent Forgotten speed with the memory of time-related. In this respect there is a famous "Ebbinghaus forgetting curve" theory. This is by the German psychologist Ebbinghaus, published in 1885 "About Memory",louis vuitton speedy a book mentioned. Think Forgotten speed memory immediately after the fastest, and then slowly slowing down until the forgotten stops. But the contents of the memory of this time is less than the original 30%. But also because this discovery, it was suggested that learning "Four Review Act." Emotion-related Forgotten is selective. According to Peters called the principle of the thing that people forget and emotional factors. People will soon forget indifferent things, on the contrary, things that can cause intense emotional reactions are difficult to forget. Things that can cause positive emotions (happy) will be retained relatively long,authentic louis vuitton outlet which leads to negative emotions (unpleasant) things are not. Past time is a great time so much because of this selective and generally will be negative things removed, while retaining the positive content. Different theories have basically the same consensus that forgetting is an important function of information processing. Forgotten is the sort of memory contents to a systematic structured. Through this process, important information will be concise, easy to read way storage. R.louis vuitton damier belt Dreistadt departure from this understanding to explain everyday life "flash" phenomenon. There is a post-traumatic stress disorder called (post-traumatic stress disorder, referred to as PTSD also translated: post-traumatic stress disorder) of mental illness. Patients will continue to be read before the unpleasant and even horrific memories. This psychological disorders seen in American Vietnam veterans. Is thought to be caused by the process of forgetting obstacles. After the break, we always ask: "How can I forget him? I would like to forget him, but I just can not forget him." If you can not forget him, do not forget the good. Why so painful to forget a person? Time will naturally make you forget him. I invite you to dry Wan do not think a pink baby gourd. May I ask, what do you think of that? You immediately think of a large gourd doll pink. The more effort you want to forget, the more you can not forget. Still in love with him, forget him, is a matter of course, do not feel ashamed. Some people obviously forget, but self-deception, said: "I had forgotten him." However,louis vuitton damier azur as long as others mention him, she could not control myself. One day, you will forget him. Really forget that it was not hard. One day you from the bathroom to wash out of a bath, turn on the player to listen to your favorite music, you Huer think you ever loved someone, ah, that you loved this person, it seems to be very distant things, you have a little feeling is gone. This is forgotten. One day, someone mention a certain, you just suddenly thought, you have loved this man, do not remember. This is forgotten. If time can not make you forget those who should not have to remember, we lost years what is the point? Physical condition authentic louis vuitton outlet louis vuitton outlet online cheap louis vuitton outlet online dam jackor var louis vuitton speedy 25