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Song poetess Qingzhao, known as the "Queen of the word country", had "word press south, the text covers Saibei." Since the Ming Dynasty, China emerged around "Qingzhao Memorial (Church)," and many "lotus shrines."
Zhangqiu Memorial
Qingzhao Memorial

Qing Zhao Ming Garden is located in Zhangqiu water Baimaiquan River, covering a total area of 18,000 square meters, of which 1270 square meters of housing construction, surface 1500 square meters, 10,000 square meters green. On May 1, 1997 officially open.
Qingzhao Memorial is located in the ancient city of Qingzhou Qingzhou yangxi outside the West Lake. Covering about 630 square meters. Building faces south, there is the door to the corridor in the north,louis vuitton bags 35 East built down the river floor, west for four Songjeong, are building the Qing Dynasty. Corridor at the end of a courtyard, the Department was built in 1993, the door has a letter written in terms of people Hsiao labor plaque "Qingzhao Memorial."
Jinan Memorial
Qingzhao Memorial located in Jinan Baotu park, catkins Springs in the north side of a courtyard, with a total area of approximately 360 square meters. The courtyard at Jinan Song Sheng Zhang family courtyard, to the Jin Dynasty to Lingquan Um, late Qing Dynasty replaced the governor of Shandong Ding Bao Xianfeng Chen Chin shrine. Due to the early Qing Dynasty poet Tian Wen a "catkins Quan Li Yian Guzhai visit" poetry, people mistake that catkins Qingzhao House fountain, followed by men of letters will be attached to all pull together, then there zhao 'residence in Jinan said.
Zhejiang Jinhua Memorial
Jinhua Qingzhao Memorial Hall is located in Jinhua City, South Corner 8 Wing Road 8 Wing upstairs. 8 Wing House, formerly known as Chang Hyun House, also known as Yuan Chang floor LONGCHANG for Southern Qi Dynasty (494 years) about the construction of Shenyang Dongyang Prefecture, in 1994, eight heritage management Wing House floor main hall to the 8 Wing Memorial zhao Church. [11]
Because Qingzhao worked in Hangzhou West Lake Shiba Mun lived, authorities in Liulangwenying park, the choice of sites on Metasequoia forest creek, built a clear photo kiosks, opened in 2002. Jinan Licheng District within Broom Hill Forest Park,louis vuitton bags 30 also has a clear photo kiosks, 2004 opening.
Qingzhao Ouhua had revered god worshiped in Jinan Daming Lake lotus shrines. Since the Qing Dynasty, Jinan People will zhao called lotus God to worship.
Also in Jinan Springs Plaza, Riverbank Road, China Millennium Monument in Beijing, Henan Kaifeng three Huanlang have zhao body sculpture.
5 Social Assessment

Qingzhao on the history of Chinese literature as a rare writer, patriotism reflected in his works, has a positive social significance. Historical perspective Qingzhao patriotism, representing the majority of women in the pursuit of gender equality in ancient China, concerned about the affairs, love the one side of the motherland, so that future generations learn to see the other side of the emotional world of ancient Chinese women. Moreover, she is still many patriotic writers win a place for women. Not only that, zhao also pioneered the creation of women writers patriotism precedent for future generations left a shining example of patriotic women, especially the creation of the modern women's literature had a major impact. Realistic point of understanding Qingzhao patriotism, women can feel a huge role in terms of national unification, ethnic unity and social progress and the like. This is when you promote patriotism, hold high the banner of patriotism, to promote national unity, national unity and rejuvenating the Chinese nation into full play the role of women in society, is of great significance. [13] (zhao little like Atlas reference [13])
Negative evaluation

Central South University, Professor Yang Yu in the new "Murdoch is not ecstasy - Yang Yu declassified zhao", the subversion of the people's minds that "unaware" of Qingzhao image. In the beauty of the professor's eyes, zhao although there was pretty, but there are a lot of "misdemeanors", such as gambling, wine, lust. Qingzhao also specifically wrote a "hit Horses order", describes the various gambling methods. Yang Yu in the book cites many examples to prove zhao is "alcoholic", the most outrageous once Qingzhao, in "Like a Dream" also recorded. "Chang Kee Creek Pavilion sunset, indulge and never return. Xingjin late back to the boat, strayed into the depths of the Ouhua. Contention crossing, crossing dispute, startled a pool of Oulu. [14]"
Celebrity evaluation

[Section] Ancient
Song Wang Zhuo: Anju Shi Yi, Beijing East Road Tixing Li Ge Fei Wen Shu's daughter, Fu Jian Kang Shou ZhaoMingCheng German wife. Since there were poems were teenagers, Cai Li Hua age support, approaching predecessors. In the literati have been too much. If this towards the woman when pushed first literary talent. Zhao died, remarriage of a clan, but from the defendants. Night Festival wandering no return. For Short Sentence, meaning people can make twists and turns, lightweight sharp new attitude abound. Language and Folk dissolute, the wanton put pen to paper. Since ancient times, gentrification House Nengwen women, no such free care by also. "Black Rooster" Volume II)
· louis vuitton speedy 25Zhu Yu Song: The DPRK women's women who have the text, headed by Lee Yian said. Yian name Qing Zhao, Yuanyou celebrities Li Ge Fei's daughter. Code of age support Poetry. Worthy of the ancient authors; words You Wanli, often surprising, almost no its ratio. There are twelve volumes anthology book, "Shu Yu set" roll. However, no final night festival, living to die. Days alone thick it was rather stingy its opportunities, Xizai. ("Ping Chau talk about" volume)
Song Hu Tsai: past when woman can text words such as Li Yian, a lot Quotes. Small word cloud: "Last night Shufeng sudden rain, concentrated wine residue test questionnaire to sleep Needless curtain person, but still Begonia Road aware, aware, should be Lvfeihongshou..." "Lvfeihongshou", this phrase is very new . And "9" word cloud: "curtain westerly, thinner than yellow." This phrase is difficult to have a woman as well. Ru Yi An appropriate boat again, soon enemies, the "notice" and Qi at the thick cloud:. "Rustic Sang Discovery of dusk, powerful horse adorned with wood hereby under" Biography by all laughed. "Tiaoxi fishing Cong hidden words" pre-set volume sixty)
· Yang Wei Chen Yuan: the woman who recite the book belong to the text, known as the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao everyone's. Modern Yian, Shu Zhen and his ilk, the word Han Xuan Hui, a poem a simple class there is movement of people. However, for small listening embrace wisdom, learning of the arrest humble son of gas, but not Fit Emotional positive. This was everyone's trip, enough Biao Palaces, sometimes literary and light and fathers who can not and meeting men. ("East-dimensional subset of" VII)
· Yang Shen Ming Dynasty: Song of the lyrics, Li Yian known Guanjue. So in Dress, when the Qin seven, yellow nine hegemony, not only male child Boudoir also. Its word name "Shu Yu set", find the unreached. "Sheng Sheng Man" the term most wan wonderful. ...... Valley called "Yi Gu as new, Vulgar as Ya" who Yian come carry on. ("Ci" Volume II)
Chen Ting Ming Dynasty: the smell of the older generation, Zhu Shuzhen only color temporary crown, and then the appropriate non-duality, it shaped the discourse, often saying much resentment, because the world title of the draft, saying, "Anthology." Probably Lady Ming Bao, since ancient times and of course, he died alone heartbroken indeed! Old woman who can word chapter of, such as Li Yian, Sun Mrs. generation, there are sets the world bank. Shuzhen Following Thereafter, on behalf of many so-called Yin. ("Mountains Hall Words" Volume II)
Ming Dynasty, Wang Shizhen: "Flowers" language caused a small clever, "Shi said," too extravagant; "Cottage" is the word to Li Yan, the Six 婾 also. That is the word I called the poem, but the poet not do so. Whichever? Its wan molestation while approaching feeling too, enough empathy and wins addicted; its extravagant and almost vulgar too soft, slow and poetry 啴 on it, without knowing the next also. Poetry and words, non-words also; words and poetry, non-poems. Made its industry, Lee, Yan's son, Qi Qing, in the wild, the United States into fewer trips, Yian to also, word of authentic too. Wen, Yan Wei and promotion, Huang nine fine and insurance, long and strong public Lai, Child Safety identified the odd. But secondly also, change the word of the body also. Ci Xing Yue is dead and Qu Xing and word is dead. Word of the death of non-FU and its apoptosis also. ("Trap State Hermit word commentary")
· Jin Mao Ming Dynasty: "Cao Tang Shi Yu" several volumes, not brilliant to amazing projects. Every secret one, he called Cilin Grand wonder wipe down the dash poet. louis vuitton luggage authenticThat is summarized as follows Chung, a few t-generation, there are many "pet willow daring", "Yan Hang Orioles throat," and other words, how ashamed Koo Theravada yeah? "Cottage Collection" Jingbu contained a really worthy of our admiration. I was present with the order, sequential pay pears, where the business Wei Yu disabilities, fortunate and captures Yan. Autumnal Equinox Day, Hunan Jin Mao knowledge. (Ji Gu Ge "Song sixty famous words")
Liu Qing ren: Zhoumei Cheng not only can not make love language, its body Yazheng, no side next to see the essence. Liu Ying seven most tip, when haiku sex, so, uh Zizhan be less travel. If the valley is also unavoidable, such as "I'm too Run on substandard" category. Under the mashed garlic body also. Anju Shi Wei Yi "most difficult to rate." "Sorrow", Shenmiao steady ya, do not drop mashed garlic, nor fall quatrains, when the true character of this road is also the first person to row. ("Seven Words Chung Tong Yi")
Qing Shen Qian: Male in Li Yu, Girls Li Yian, pole is when the line color. ("Miscellaneous lyrics say")
· Qing Tong: Le Shan Zhou Songling selected "Woman Literary Field," Now that img aromatic mining China, abuzz illustrates quiet Solitude, when the "flowers" Cheng dust, "Blue Route" Let the banks who carry. Songling Su said, "Jade Terrace" Man Tau. And Ye mandarin duck's "return aroma", Xianzi single show, and though "Shu Yu" regeneration, Utah when the north, where more than sub-On! ("Women's Literary Field Option")
Mao Shu Qing first: the word home deliberately, Chun language, strong color, this all three-of the gods, then place must have pale, flat place, suddenly the twelve is a good ear. If the United States as "Autumn", flat Syrian scene is enough, is a "drunk head propped cold and scared", then move artificial wonderful. Li Yian "passion", "Lu Qing exhibition stream, new beginning Tong" reference "World said," the whole sentence. Muddy wonderful. Taste of Words expensive to develop, do not want to stick stagnation, suddenly sad suddenly hi, at first glance nearly far, the ear is wonderful. Words such as pleasure, a feeling of anxiety to be micro, party does not obese. Lee "passion" word of the Boudoir, knot cloud "How many trips spring", "more see today is not clear," Huer development, not only does the title of the beam, the intention is not for suffering. Straight as the line goes, roll back and forth freely, people feel the ear. ("Poetry identified islet" volume IV) [15]
[Section] Modern
Hu: Song Li Yian but a female writer, famous Qing Zhao, No. easy home dry. ...... That negative reputation when Qingzhao juvenile literature, her word is passed down the moment. Unfortunately, her words existing small, (with Wang's four Indian vegetarian edition), but we do know that she is the most vernacular word. For example: "Yi Jianmei" (omitted), "add the word CaiSangZi · Basho" (omitted), the most famous is his nature, "Sheng Sheng Man" (omitted), this word is really wonderful vernacular literature, no wonder her influence on the same day many people. Although born in the Northern Song Dynasty Qingzhao, to the Nandu, she is a 50 year-old woman. But her home for Song of big words, two Yan, Ouyang, Su Qin, Huang eleven are dissatisfied. ("National Language Literary History"))
Simian: Song poetess, there are Li Yian. ...... Couples are good at learning, long poems, fine stone, a generation before Cheng Yuan also. Yian poetry pen weaker, the word is very wan show, Qieyi wonderful solution temperament, the lyricist, no word Law Society who are not, in fact, the sound of authentic leaning, also known for Feitu to the boudoir. ("Song Literature")
Hu Huaichen: In the late Northern Song Dynasty and then there was a famous poetess named Qingzhao, her "Shu Yu word" in the literary world in a very famous. Her Quotes "curtain westerly, thinner than yellow," particularly praiseworthy. ("History of Chinese Literature Summary")
Genze Luo: word is literature, but also music ...... poetess Li Yian "On the word" are biased viewpoint music argument, though without neglecting literature. ("China's history of literary criticism")
Zhaozu Rong: Qingzhao history of Chinese literature is one of the most talented woman, louis vuitton luggage outletshe 's Song Zhu word for everyone, and more are dissatisfied with visible acuity of her vision. Her words were very popular in the day of worship, such as ji sometimes claiming to be "efficient Li Yian body." Seen her influence; ("Outline of the History of Chinese Literature")
Liu Dajie: Qingzhao is crossed before and after the poetess, the history of Chinese classical literary genius of women writers have lofty status. She is to comply with all laws and creation of words. Her side of the importance of temperament, refining words; the same time, her words expressive real nature and life. She was born into the country changed, broken up, her pen, although not a direct reflection of reality, but we need to know her husband's death, her wandering poverty, she remarried 受冤 events are Luanli that era, feudal society directly to her persecution. She is a representative of the victims of that day; her emotional life, emotional life is also the day of countless refugees. ("History of Chinese Literature")
Zhu Dongrun: Qingzhao No. easy Anju Shi, ...... there is "Shu Yu word" five volumes, this deposit volume. Anti-Yi Zhou Liu word lattice, and its words on the word, found in Hu Tsai, "Tiaoxi fishing Cong hidden words" ...... ("Outline of the History of Chinese Literary Criticism")
Lin Geng: Song of the word altar, though full of slow-term forces, but still to Xiaoling based. The end of this Northern Song Dynasty writer, and that is Qingzhao. ...... Chinese women writers in literary history can account for one in the grounds, which is only one person. Words originally depictions of female beauty, she is able to complete that self-expression, although she lives in the era between the Northern Song Dynasty Song, and her style was actually completely the Northern Song Dynasty. With time, she does not want the general trend, but specifically intended to Xiaoling chant, which is more important to feel the word altar. Her masterpieces like "Zuihua Yin" (omitted), "Like a Dream" (omitted). As Sentences like "turn Huazipiaoling artesian water, an Acacia Xianchou" ...... are popular. However, the overall trend in terms of the altar, has been completely go slow tune, Xiaoling thereafter as quatrains, only to become poets occasional embellishment. The fate of poetry, it seems inevitable, have embarked on the same way. ("History of Chinese Literature")

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