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1990s minimalism has become history, nowadays classical wave penetrated into every corner of the fashion arena, jewelry design is focused
In highly decorative Baroque style. Irregular wound gorgeous diamond necklace, very romantic heart-shaped, shining brilliantly shining light,louis vuitton outlet online is unique in that every heart-type emerged as the perfect cutting shape, always reveals the luxury and charming temperament. Baroque is an advocate of highly ornate era, when the shoes are mostly made of high quality materials, such as leather, brocade, with extravagant decorations, such as silk ribbon, big buttons, embroidery and jewelry. Today modeled on Baroque boots underscores retro in the details, like the cross drawstring on the upper and discordant patterns and mix and match fashion, though low-key, but extremely simple and elegant. The term originally referred to the irregular Baroque, weird pearls, having a pejorative at the time, when people think it's gorgeous, showing off the style is Renaissance demeaning, but it has been accepted, a Great European Baroque art style . Baroque classical argue that the collapse of a degenerate art, only later, fishes Baroque art had a more fair evaluation. Baroque art produced in the latter half of the 16th century, and its peak in the 17th century into the 18th century, except for the Nordic and Central Europe, it gradually declined.
Rococo style
(Rococo Style)
Interesting combination of shells and baroque for the spindle, with bright colors for indoor applications

And dainty decoration, furniture is also very delicate and somewhat tedious, unlike the Baroque as strong colors, gaudy decorations. Interior space Rococo architecture in southern Germany and Austria it is very complicated.
Rococo style originated in 18th century France, was originally the palace of red tape in order to oppose the rise of art. Rococo Rococo Rocaille this word is from the French and Italian Barocco the merger. louis vuitton damierRocaille is a mixture of shells and pebbles made of upholstery, while Barocco namely Baroque (Baroque). Rococo was later replaced by neo-classical.
New Romantic style

New Romantic style from the 19th century Europe, it stands to get rid of classicism (classical art originated in 18th century France, with painter David represented.

Classical art in form and content to ancient Greece and Rome as a reference model, elegant style, dignified) over the simple and rational opposition to the rigid stereotypes of art, its ability to express enthusiastic pursuit of ideals, passion and surely people subjectivity, the performance of intense emotional and imaginative, often magnificent imagination and exaggeration to shape the image of the subjective, irrational, imagine integration, using products more personalized, more vibrant life. In the history of clothing, 1825-1845 years is considered to be typical of the Romantic period. Clothing is characterized by slender waist abundant buttocks, large and multi-decorated hat, focusing on the dynamic performance of the whole line, so clothing can swing with the body and showing a sense of light and elegant.
3 retro sports


March 10, 1912, Yuan Shikai provisional president on national government. Since then, the field of culture revivalist rise.
July 1912, the National Education Conference temporary problems due respect holes of intense debate. At the meeting, Cai that "schools should not worship Confucius case" because of the prevailing climate is inconsistent, did not get through. However, due to Cai et strive, finally reached a compromise, this program is not enacted, but within the school management procedures by deleting provisions worship Confucius. Thus, the school worship can not worship hole. However, cheap louis vuitton onlinethe September 13, 1912, released by the Ministry of Education annually on October 7th anniversary of the birth of Confucius, the schools will be held nationwide commemoration.
Historical facts

On 20 September 1,1912, Yuan promulgated the "straighten ethics order" ordered "respected ethics" to promote "ethical code", he said:. "In Holley, Honesty and Honor to filial faithfulness to humanity by the regime, although more large, China Yi no change "," I only hope that people across the country and abide by the etiquette, when Freemasonry difficult. ...... The President of pain perilous political situation of danger, fear breakdowns Ji Gang, the scourge of every read today, it is not in the national trend, but in the heart. Gou people there are good deeds of the machine, namely national security of the bottom of the reason. "that is to say, the old Gangchanglunli not change, because it is a good tool to maintain the people's hearts. At this time, the hole is still relatively Yuan's statue disguise, he did not openly advocate "on Confucian", but with moralizing to divert attention once again attempt to replace a little bit of democracy and freedom of thought in mind the newly established National.
2,1914 years, Yuan Shikai line with restoration of the monarchy, stepping up activities in respect hole, creating a big public opinion. September 25, Yuan officially awarded the "Confucius order" to restore the public's Confucius Qing provisions. Expressly date of the birth of Confucius in the central and the local Confucius ceremony must be held. September 28, Yuan Shikai in a large group of heavily armed attendants escort, arrived at 6:30 Confucius Temple, put flowers embroidered with four groups of twelve chapters big dress, purple satin skirt pleated at Wai, wearing a flat day crown, by attendants Zhu Qiqian, Zhou Ziqi and aides? chang boot salute, ZU beans fragrance, Sanguijiukou. Meanwhile, the provincial generals, Xunan Shi Confucius Temple are also in the capital, which is the first time since the Republic of Confucius. A few days later, he called the Treasury funding repairs Beijing Confucius Temple, and since Juanyin 5000 yuan to help. Some even issued a petition asking the Northern Government set "Confucianism" as the "state religion", included in the "Constitution."
3, once the reforms of seven letter wei even in the "Please ordered the National worship holes still line bow ceremony," louis vuitton damier bagssaid:? "Chinese people do not worship days, not worship Confucius, leaving the knee what" again in the "hole Education is the state religion with days of meetings, "said:" The Chinese people have disrespect disrespectful day leader, I do not know their left knee to arrogance what this also, "for a time, the whole country respect hole retro school pandemonium?.
Retro style design
Retro style design
4, and restore worship hole system, while Yuan also decided to resume Heaven. December 23, 1914, this day is the winter solstice, the days of heaven is Yuan. From Xinhua Gate to the Temple of Heaven, all loess mat Road, police deployed throughout the city curfew, along an empty street. Tiantan surrounding clouds with thousands of heavily armed soldiers everywhere sentry. 3:00 in the morning, an armored car carrying Yuan out of the presidential palace, fled to the Temple of Heaven. In the south door, Yuan under the car, take the already prepared corners decorated with wreaths of cars, to 昭亨 door, under the car, and the car got into a bamboo chair until the Temple of Heaven. The Temple of Heaven, Yuan began to walk, then before dawn, before the Temple lit bright lights, he put bizarre dressed in dressing the house, they ascend the altar to worship, ritual completely mimic all the feudal emperors, just by bow to repeatedly bow. I wish he used Heaven plate, and the Qing emperor's almost exactly the same, the only difference is the "sub-minister" should be changed to "on behalf of the Republic of China national Yuan." Heaven ceremony from 3:00, has been carried out to 8:50 considered the end.
5. At this point, the purpose of Yuan Shikai retro statue hole is already "more obvious." He told the confidant said: "If the common people must want me to do the emperor, I'll do."louis vuitton damier ebene Ever since, the country wide variety of petitions groups have emerged, the self princes survivors, government bureaucrats, provincial general, the governor makes, down to the coachman homeless, nothing is there, and taste everything. Beggars and prostitutes Badahutong also be organized in Beijing were up, set up a petition group of beggars, prostitutes petition regiment, armed with colored flags, gathered outside Xinhua, kneeling was urged into the table, the request Yuan "conform to public opinion", ascended the throne as soon as possible. 1916 New Year's Day, the official Yuan emperor, change the number Hongxian.
Qing emperor devoutly Confucius, in return for the fate of thousands of China's last dynasty, Yuan tricks, Confucius, but did not bring him luck, only made 83 days in the short-lived emperor dream.

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