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Nature of the material is divided into two major categories of biological and non-biological. The former has a metabolism, self-copy reproduction, growth and development, genetic variation, induction and adaptability life phenomena. Thus, the living world, also known as the living world (Vivicum). Many types of organisms, all kinds of strange things, has identified about 200 million. Over time, the newly discovered species also increases every year, louis vuitton luggage authenticsomeone (RCBrusca et al., 1990) estimates that about 20 million ~ 50 million kinds waiting to be discovered and named. In order to study the use of such a variety of biological world, people organize their categories system is divided into a number of different community (Kingdom).
With the development of biological boundaries of science and continue to deepen. In Linnaeus era of biological mainly to the naked eye can observe features to distinguish, Linnaeus (Carl von Linné, 1735) as the standard biological motion clearly stated whether the animal kingdom (Animália) and plant kingdom (Plantae) of two community system that remains until the 1950s most of the materials used. After extensive use of the microscope and found that many of the characteristics of both single-celled organisms, animals and plants (such as Euglena, etc.), such an intermediate type of the evolution of biological evidence, but it is the classification problem, thus Hogg (J.Hogg, 1860 ) and Heckel (EHHaeckel, 1866) of the original aquatic organisms (including bacteria, algae, fungi and protozoa) separate for the sector, raised Protista (Protista), louis vuitton handbags replicathe plant kingdom, animal kingdom's three realms systems, this view until the 1960s began to pop, and by some textbook adoption. [1]
Development of electron microscopy, making it possible to reveal the fine structure biologist bacteria, cyanobacteria cells and found to be significantly different from other creatures, then put prokaryotes (Prokaryote) and eukaryotes (Eukaryote) concept. Test Bolan (HFCopeland, 1938) as a separate sector will prokaryotes proposed four circles systems, namely Monera (Monera), the original nuclear sector (Protoctista) (including unicellular algae, simple multicellular algae , slime molds, fungi and protozoa), epigenetic Flora (Metaphyta) and metazoan community (Metazoa). With the improvement and widespread application of electron microscopy and biochemical accumulation of knowledge, insight will prokaryotes established as a profession, gained widespread acceptance as the basis of modern biological classification system. 1969 Whitaker (RHWhittaker) also proposed ways depending on the complexity of cell structure and nutritional five community system, he will be separated from the plant kingdom Fungi separate for the sector, namely Monera, Protista, Fungi (Fungi), plant and animal kingdoms. This system is gradually being widely used until the 1990s that some textbooks still in use (Ogata Figure 1,2,3). [1]
The evolutionary history of life has gone through several important stages, the first non-cellular life forms, that is, non-cell stage. From the non-cell to cell is the second stage of biological development.authentic louis vuitton speedy The initial cell is a prokaryotic cell, prokaryotic organisms is referred to as a prokaryotic cell (bacteria, blue-green algae), from prokaryotic to eukaryotic organisms is the third stage of development, from single-celled eukaryotes to multicellular eukaryotes the fourth stage of biological development. Five community system reflects the evolution of the three branches of the three phases and stages of multicellular organisms, that represents the initial stage of prokaryote cells, evolved to represent a eukaryotic protist of the single cell stage (advanced phase of the cell structure ), and then evolved into the eukaryotic cell stage and more, that the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom fungi. Plants, fungi and animals represent the three directions of evolution, namely self-support, saprophytic and heterotrophic. [1]
Five community system does not reflect the non-cellular biological stage. China's famous entomologist Shixiang Chen (1979) 3 of the total sector six community systems that acellular total industry (including viruses circles), prokaryotic total industry (including bacteria and cyanobacteria industry sector), eukaryotic total industry (including the plant kingdom, fungi and animal kingdoms) (Ogata table 1). Some scholars believe that having to set up Protista, algae and protozoa are placed under the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom, becoming relatively compact four community systems. Some scholars advocate the expansion of Protista, including the fungi classified become another four circles systems. Because the virus is a type of non-cellular organisms, what is primitive or secondary types remained open, so that the initial point of the virus as a type of community life, scholars still controversial. [1]
In recent years, some scholars put forward six circles above the six circles of different systems (eg RCBrusca et al., 1990), the archaea separate for the sector, namely Monera, archaeal community (Archaebacteria, also translated the original bacteria, including disgust oxygen methanogenic bacteria, etc.), Protista, fungi, plant and animal kingdoms. Another scholar (T.Ca-valier-Smith, 1989) proposed eight community system, prokaryotes into Archaea community, eubacteria sector (Eubacteria), will be divided into ancient eukaryotes and eukaryotes after eukaryotes (Metakaryota) two ultra community, before a super-community contains only one sector, namely the ancient eukaryotes sector (Archezoa), after a super-community, including protozoan community, algal community (Chromista, the community, including Cryptophyta Cryptophyta and colored algae Chromophy-ta two sub-sector), the plant kingdom, fungi,2014 cheap louis vuitton handbags animal kingdom. Some scholars believe that this demarcation system is more reasonable and clear. [1]
In summary, we can see people on the biological boundaries currently no unified opinion. Nevertheless, from the fossil record three billion years of paleontological or circumstances on Earth extant organisms present; from morphological comparison, physiological, biochemical examples, have revealed the organism from prokaryotic to eukaryotic, from simple to complex, from low to Higher evolutionary direction. The biological boundaries displays the history of the development of life experienced.
Biological relationship between complex, but they do not respect the basic requirements for survival outside the intake of food for energy, occupy a certain space and reproduce. Biological pathways to solve these problems are varied. In obtaining nutrition, who can make use of carbon dioxide, mineral and energy required to synthesize their own food called autotrophs, green and purple bacteria are autotrophs. Therefore, plants are food producers, food contact between biological began. Animals are required to obtain from autotrophs where nutrition, plants are eaten by herbivorous animals, which in turn is a carnivorous animal foodstuffs, so the animals belong to predatory feeding heterotrophic, in the biological world food consumers. Decomposing fungi absorb nutrition, reduction in those position. These have shown that the three realms is the most basic biological, holistic and systematic development in the evolution of the nutritional aspects related to each other, as well as bio-coordinated in the ecosystem, in nutrient cycling and energy transfer process in the role.
2 words concept
Animal, a species of organisms. They generally feed on organic matter, can feel, can exercise. Activity or thing capable of activity.
1. The nature of a large class of organisms, and plants relative. Multi-organic-food-stuffs,cheap louis vuitton wallet there are nerves, feeling, energy movement. "Zhou Tai Situ official": "Resolution of the five raw material: one said the forest, its animal hair should matter, the plant should be early material" Ming 叶子奇 "grass Muzi · View objects": "The animal heavens, so head Sunchon and breathe in the air; the plant of the various places, so the roots and lift with Jin Shun "Mao Dun," not yet succeeded ":" people in the end is the feelings of animals to die. "
2. Everything that touched or probation. Three Kingdoms Wei Kang, "Qin Fu":. "Its moving animals also cover Hong carry on," Liang Dignitary "Monks · Sing guide · theory":. "So to sincerely touching, sincere dumping animals on this also." "Book of Mean "" only the world is capable of sincerity "Song Zhu Xi Annotations:" Honesty can animals. "
3. activity or thing capable of activity. Song Su Shunqin "re-identified": "like saying 'mine in the complex in the ground', Bronislaw who penis also, animals." "ZHUAIYULE" Volume II: "The heart is ge animals, without trial is not made before, all silent and quiet, or static in action means? "
3 basic meaning
Animals are multicellular eukaryotic life forms in a big group, but unlike microorganisms.
Animals are not the inorganic synthesis of organic compounds, only to organic matter for food, and eating things that will have cells, cells have a nucleus, no cell wall, it will move, matrix, a class of life form.
So different animals and plant morphology and physiological functions, for feeding, digestion, absorption, respiration, circulation, excretion, sensory, motor and reproductive life activities.
Zoology animal nature according to the form, the body's internal structure, the characteristics of embryonic development, physical habits, living environment and other geographic features, will feature the same or similar animals under the same category. Chordates and non-chordates are divided into two categories; according to aquatic or terrestrial, they can be divided into the aquatic and terrestrial animals; there are no feathers in accordance with, they can be divided into feathered animals and no animal feathers ; according to the presence or absence of the spine in vivo, we can put all of the animals were divided into two major categories of vertebrates and invertebrates.
After the emergence of primitive life, along with changes in the environment to survive, millions of species continue to appear, die, only species that can adapt to changes in the environment to survive and multiply so far. This species evolving process of evolution in biology is called
Animals are a major biological groups, called the animal kingdom (Animalia).
They can respond to the environment and move, predation
Animal species
Animal species
Other organisms. According to the results of the present study genetics, animal ancestors collection should be from a variety of protists, and cell differentiation, but not from a multicore protists.
In sexual reproduction reproduce metazoan,louis vuitton damier bags life can be artificially divided as follows: pre-embryonic development, embryonic development and after three stages of embryo development. The basic structure of the body of animals fixed during development, especially during the early development of the embryo, there are some later to go through the process of metamorphosis. If two different species of animals have the same ancestor, they exhibit some similarities in the embryonic stages of development will be. But after entering the embryo after the developmental stage, in order to adapt to the environment, they will each develop some particular organ or function.

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