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Wearing items
A "watch."
Wearing a watch to sleep will not only shorten the life of the watch, but not conducive to health. Because the watch (especially luminous watch) have radium radiation, although the amount is minimal, but the long period of accumulation can lead to adverse consequences.
2 "dentures"
Wearing dentures to sleep, should accidentally, often sleeping swallowed the dentures esophagus.cheap louis vuitton outlet In addition, dentures hooks may pierce the food along the banks of the aortic arch, causing bleeding and even life-threatening. Moreover, with dentures sleep affect sleep quality.
3 "bra"
Bra sleep will affect the development, affecting blood circulation, but also easily lead to breast cancer. In general, women bra, preferably not more than eight hours one day.
4 "glasses"
General glasses everyone will come off, but some people may not bother to wear contact lenses to wear off to sleep, this is very detrimental to the eyes. The eye is the need to breathe, sleep unless the implicit line lens off to make corneal hypoxia, if caused by anaerobic bacteria, causing inflammation, and that more serious consequences. In addition, the contact lens is necessary to maintain its softness tears, but when we go to bed or when you close your eyes will reduce the outflow of tears, lack of moisture lenses will harden, then will make it easier to damage the cornea.
5 "face makeup."
Makeup will clog your skin pores, causing sweat secretion obstacles that prevent cellular respiration, long time to go but also induce acne, damage face.
6 "phone"
A variety of electronic devices, such as color televisions, refrigerators, mobile phones and operating procedures in use, there are a lot of different wavelengths and frequencies of electromagnetic waves released from the formation of an electronic fog, long-term infection, can affect the human nervous system, leading to physiological function disorders.
Bad habits
A pillow to sleep proceed. Hands on head while sleeping pillow below, not only affect the blood circulation, causing numbness arm pain, but also easy to make blood pressure.
2, sit and sleep. Some people will be less at night sitting on the couch watching TV, cheap louis vuitton purseswatching it asleep, so simply so relying on the sofa to sleep, sit and sleep will slow down the heart rate, blood vessels expand, blood flow to various organs a. Coupled with the stomach to digest the blood supply needs, thereby increasing the brain of oxygen, resulting in dizziness, tinnitus appears.
3, against the wind to sleep: reduced ability to adapt to environmental changes during human sleep, easy cold sick. The ancients believed that the wind is riddled with long, good deeds and a few changes; good recuperating who, although improper height of summer wind and dew lying under Health. So a place to sleep should avoid the draft, the bed away from windows, doors there is a certain distance is appropriate.
4, bedtime tea: Tea contains caffeine and other substances that stimulate the central nervous system, the excitement, if bedtime tea, especially tea, central nervous system will be more excited, people easily fall asleep.
5, bedtime meal: overeat before bedtime, gastrointestinal To speed up digestion, stomach full of food will continue to stimulate the brain. Brain excitement, people will not fall asleep, as the Chinese say, "Stomach, Insomnia."
6, strenuous exercise: strenuous activity before bedtime, make the brain that controls muscle activity of nerve cells exhibit very strong excited state, this excited in a short time will not calm down, people can not fall asleep quickly. So, before going to bed should try to keep the body calm, but also wish to make some minor activities, such as walking and so on.
7, before going to bed angry: angry angry at bedtime, make people rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, a myriad of thoughts, making it difficult to fall asleep.
8, mouth breathing: silent night lying is the best way to maintain strength, and mouth breathing not only inhale the dust, and can easily make the trachea, lungs and ribs were cold stimulation. The best nose breathing, nose hair can block part of the dust, nasal inhalation of cold air can be heated, wholesome.
9, quilt hooded: to be masked easily cause breathing difficulties; meanwhile, inhale their own exhaled carbon dioxide, is extremely detrimental to health. Infants should not be more so, otherwise there is the danger of suffocation.
10, the pillow is too high. 9-12 cm pillow to the most suitable for human physiological structure, too, will affect the airway, easy snoring, and long-term high pillow, easily lead to neck discomfort or hump. Too low, likely to cause "stiff neck", or because of excessive blood flow into the brain, causing the next day mind made up, swollen eyelids.
3 Healthy Sleep

Figure baby to sleep
Figure baby to sleep
Baby most of the time spent in sleep, parents coax children to sleep when committed many mistakes, here are ten common errors baby sleep method.
Sleep mode
Shake to sleep when your baby is crying or restless sleep, some of the young mother put the baby in his arms into the cradle or shaking, louis vuitton handbags replicauntil the baby to fall asleep so far. As everyone knows shaking action causes the baby's brain in the skull cavity constantly swinging, causing cerebral small blood vessels rupture, causing "slight brain concussion syndrome", occurs concussion, intracranial hemorrhage. This method is particularly suitable for 10 months or less is not a small baby.
Some mothers prefer to accompany accompany sleep baby sleep together. Over time the baby is not only easy to make a "Oedipus" psychological form a dependency, lack of independent capacity, even to go to school to accompany her mother still slept. If the mother is sleeping well, after tossing and turning in bed asleep, accidentally pressed the baby's face, it may cause suffocation and death of the baby, "tragedy."
Both sleeping prone sleeping baby's mouth and nose can be easily blocked, can cause breathing difficulties, resulting in sudden death.
Some mothers hug sleep is out of motherly love, like arms around the baby to sleep. This approach brings health hazards are:
1, hug the baby to sleep is difficult to breathe fresh air, and inhale more air is filthy yard;
2, limiting the freedom of movement during sleep your baby, it is difficult to stretch the body, affecting the normal blood circulation;
High summer temperatures, some mothers would let the baby naked in bed, in order to cool. Baby thermoregulatory function is poor, easy to cold, especially in the abdomen, once cold, can make bowel movements increased, leading to diarrhea.
Electric blankets, electric blankets heating quickly, the temperature is too high baby body water loss, dehydration, causing the baby irritability, crying non-stop, their health compromised. Let your baby sleep on overnight heating blanket is more desirable.
Lights sleep, infant poor ability to adapt to the environment, if the night lights, baby's sleep time will be shortened, the secretion of growth hormone, growth will be inhibited. In addition, according to British research reports, sleeping in the living room when driving a small lamp became nearsighted child has 30%, while the brightly lit room incidence of myopia children is as high as 55%.
Mouth nipple sleep, you will wake up after the baby sucking the nipple nurse. This is no regular eating patterns, easy to make the baby's gastrointestinal disorders and dyspepsia occurred; Furthermore, if the mother slept over cooked, nipple accidentally blocked the baby's nostrils, and may even cause suffocation and other serious consequences.
Sometimes in order to let the baby fall asleep as soon as my mother often used to scare the way, such as "if you do not sleep, the wolf will come" and so on. In fact, doing so would give the baby's nervous system is strongly stimulated, so that he can not sleep or not sleep peacefully. Moreover, after the baby intimidation, even sleeping there may have nightmares, sleep quality is compromised.
Especially in winter, afraid the baby cold, my mother always put your baby quilt mask tightly. However, infants and young children than adults exuberant metabolism, and high humidity inside the quilt, so that the baby sweating, and shortness of breath prone to collapse, triggering "Wu heat syndrome." Will also be suppressed.
Sleep is the cerebral cortex inhibition process, the protective effect on the nervous system. However, some children can not sleep every night, or delays, or while they slept longer wake to sleep, and even crying noise, night terrors, sleepwalking, so that parents are very distressed. What disturbs the child's sleep it? In general, infant sleep disturbance caused by a variety of factors, such as hunger, pain, discomfort, abdominal pain, irritability or decreased sleep requirements, etc., parents should take the appropriate reasons for sleep countermeasures.

Infants and young children because of the small appetite, each feeding much, so in the time interval between two feeding short, could easily lead to sleep because of hunger cry noisy. From birth to 6 months of age, every sleep time is about 5 to 6 hours, then eat normally wake up, cheap louis vuitton luggagepause to sleep after eating. If inexperienced young mothers, often for fear of baby hunger every 3 to 4 hours would give him a milk feed, even in sleeping also take him to shake, forcing him to nurse on time, this will make your baby formation fitfully habit. In fact, when the baby is simply not hungry. And newborn baby sleeping 20 hours a day nor wonders, one slept on eighty-nine hours are normal, so my mother does not have to be artificially defined according to their feeding time will wake the baby.
Good environment
Good sleep habits should be brought culture, this is the best measure to prevent infant sleep disorders. Parents can sleep at night when prescribed according to the actual situation, and in front of prescribed sleep schedule some regular jobs, such as face, feet, teeth, urine, locker, etc., can not disrupt it; every bedtime, should be allowed to child about a half-hour rest time, do some quiet activities, such as watching pictures, listening to adults talking, put the building blocks, so that the child's emotional stability down conducive to sleep; the children busy schedule does not leave after going to bed, you should talk about some a little story or put some soft music, turn off the lights before leaving, let sleep. Parents can not because there is a nice evening television program to break the routine, or let the children play in front of too excited to sleep. Another mattress is good or bad will affect their sleep.
Correct treatment of night terrors
Some infants suddenly sat up in falling asleep for some time, and looked fear, sometimes crying non-stop, usually lasts ten minutes later to continue to sleep, a phenomenon in medicine called "night terrors." The main reason for the occurrence of night terrors is subject to a shock, such as watching a thrilling movie, or listening to a terror plot story, or early from their parents came to a strange environment, or reprimanded by their parents, beatings and so on. Therefore, if your baby avoid night terrors, usually parents should reinforce his positive education, not beaten child, younger baby to avoid shock. Prone to startle the baby will have taken care of and supplemented treatment Anticonvulsant sedative drugs.
Find enuresis reason
Children under 3 years of age appeared unconscious urination in medicine called "enuresis" in his sleep, the main reason is psychological factors, such as shock, fatigue, environmental change, and so too excited. In addition, certain diseases such as enterobiasis cause anal itching at night, but also can cause enuresis. Enuresis cause sleep disorders due to the baby, let him pay attention usually better about not overwork; to have enuresis habit baby, should develop good habits urination; Ruoyin enterobiasis cause or enuresis is more serious, you should promptly to the hospital to seek medical attention.
Psychological Factors
Some babies are due to family problems and affect sleep, such as moving to a new environment, parental unemployment layoffs, family economic hardship caused by the difficulties of life, parental relationship is not harmonious family atmosphere caused by stress, lack of parental influence on the well-baby care so that the child can not establish a good attachment relationships to parents young mind, indirectly causing their mental stress caused by sleep disorders. These need to improve family relationships start to solve the baby's psychological problems.
Wearing "table" to sleep, watch especially luminous watches have radium radiation, although the amount is minimal, but the long period of accumulation can lead to adverse consequences.
Wearing "teeth" to sleep, some people sleep esophagus accidentally swallowed dentures, dentures hooks may pierce the food along the banks of the aorta, causing bleeding and even life-threatening.
Wearing "cover" sleep bra more than 12 hours a day woman, the likelihood of developing breast cancer than short or no bra wearing man more than 20 times higher.
With a "machine" to sleep, mobile phone electromagnetic release disorders affect the nervous system and physiological functions.
With "makeup" to sleep, go to sleep with makeup Yan Yung, will clog the skin pores, causing sweat secretion disorder.
Woke up
Whenever he woke up seven ways:
Time every day to try to get up, not six weeks,louis vuitton neverfull bag the actual sleep rhythm will match your circadian rhythms, "the law is very important to set the physiological clock," American professor of psychology at Cornell University Masi said.
So do not go back to sleep feel withdrawn from circulation, which would allow more confusing circadian rhythms, once opened his eyes, do not hesitate to get it.
Note that, even if they have to keep this weekend law, otherwise grievances again on Monday to get up again and again.
If you get up early for you, is impossible, let the sun to help you. Because the full spectrum of sunlight that can be adjusted serotonin and melatonin concentrations in the blood. When exposed to light, serotonin metabolism will speed up the body, the evening will soon sleepy, get up early the next day there would be.
If you can not get up early to go wandering around in the sun, you can draw the curtains and let the sun shine in, or prepare a beacon, a loud alarm will open. Stick to it, one day you will find the alarm sounded before you get up high spirits.
Have not found you can easily pick out accompanied by years of alarm, because the brain accustomed to ignore the familiar voice, so you can prepare multiple alarm turns the use, or wake up with music myself because concert promoter in the brain of oxygen and blood flow , so that the body would also like the rhythm of it.
"Energetic 24 hours," the author Nancy. Manson suggested that if you want to boost their strength, you can choose similar music Mozart Violin Concerto; you want a long and energetic, you can choose dance.
Take a deep breath
After getting up, first slowly inhale, like the whole body is lifted up, and then spit it out all the air, after two seconds to stop, do it again, you can let the body is full of fresh morning air, the day is also easy to look Olympus.
Calm heart
Constantly aware of undulating belly up and down (not with the eyes, close your eyes and focus on your belly position, naturally aware of the beginning, it may be aware of is unclear, as this method is used repeatedly skilled, will be aware of the very clear, because the heart's focus was trained out, with the effect will be better and better sleep aids !!), in addition to be careful not to focus too hard, to relax the focus, so you would not be cranky, so you peace of mind alone soon fell asleep. This method is suitable for long-term use, the effect will be better and better, can bring you cool and inner freedom, reduce troubles and distractions, make you relaxed and natural sleep, improve sleep quality.
After getting up, immediately cup of warm water, let the body know that a new day to begin, and then discharged into the toilet old waste material, make the body very comfortable.
Flavor will stimulate the brain and improve perception performance, off drowsiness and fatigue. So it was early in the morning coffee, wake up with the smell of coffee himself. If planted with vanilla plants can also be filled with water in the wash table on your balcony after picking a mint soaked in water, mint has the effect of promoting blood circulation, it will also benefit the skin.
Get up early in the morning always feel disoriented, because after digestion night, when the brain is no nutrition, the energy source of the brain is glucose, then immediately supplement contains sweet foods, such as bananas, apples, soon there will be results.
Give it a try, wonderful morning are waiting for you.

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