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Phone type definition refers to external types of mobile phones,cheap louis vuitton bags more commonly used classification is the phone into a straight plate, folding (single-screen, dual-screen), slide, rotary, slide-out and other categories.

To open the lid can see the main screen or buttons, and only one screen, this phone is called a single-screen flip phone. The market also introduced dual flip phone, that there is another flip secondary display, the screen is usually small, usually to display the time, signal, battery, caller ID and other features.
Straight Plate

Straight plate refers to mobile phone screen and keys in the same plane, no flip phone. That is, we often say that the candy bar phone. The main feature of the phone upright can see the content is displayed on the screen.

Slider-style phone mainly refers to the phone you want to see the whole body by drawing. Some models is through a sliding button under the cover to see; the others are part of the screen through the pull to see the keyboard. To some extent, slider-style phone is an extension and innovative clamshell phones.
Watch Formula

Watch style phone, early more than a simple little feature, but the development stage to a smart phone, wristwatch-style phone features more complete, such as Samsung's Galaxy Gear V700. The earliest a domestic mobile phone watch is YAMi.

And slide-out almost, most notably in the 180 ° rotation see the keyboard.

Is a slider-style variant, to be operated by exposing the keyboard to the left or right of the screen. For smart machine big screen touch operation is concerned, sliding greatly accelerated typing speed, enhance and optimize the experience of playing games, making such smart phones more popular. Such as the Nokia N97 and Motorola Milestone.
6 Operating mode


Button once the phone is the mainstream mobile phone market. Since the date of birth from the phone, it has all types of keys. Early cell phone most unique media and user interaction, the importance of the keyboard is self-evident, phone calls, send text messages, etc. operations and both are relying on the keyboard to complete.

Touch screen phone is the trend of the modern mobile phone market is divided into resistive touch screen mobile phone screen and capacitive screen phone, is the use of touch-screen technology, the technology applied to a phone type phone screen above. Touch screen mobile phone and other phones classification no clear boundaries, the biggest feature is its large screen that can bring visual enjoyment users,louis vuitton wallet men whether from text or image aspects reflect the characteristics of the big screen. However, due to the big screen, the volume is also relatively large, touch-screen phone for carrying too large a footprint. At the same time you can use your fingers to manipulate touch-screen phone, the perfect alternative to the keyboard.
7 Uses

Business phone, as the name suggests, is to business people or those who worked for the State organs and units as the target user group mobile phone products. Because of powerful business phone acclaimed. Industry experts pointed out: "a good business phone, it should help users achieve both fast and smooth communication, and can efficiently complete business activities."
Although the camera phone is a phone, but the main image is the main feature of the phone. The world's first camera phone from Sharp Corporation of Japan in November 2000 manufactured by J-SH04. Unsurprisingly this camera phone uses a CMOS image photographic module (referred to as CMOS), because the CMOS can be more power than was used in the digital camera CCD image photographic modules. Let the phone's battery is not due to the additional use of the camera and run out quickly.
Learning applications
Learning the phone is to increase the learning function on the basis of the mobile phone to mobile phone, supplemented by "learning" based; learning mobile phones, mainly applied to middle and high schools, universities, and private phone students use. Have the function must be a set of teaching materials, textbooks and practical learning as one of the all-powerful teaching tool to "teaching" as the goal. Assisted learning has a significant effect; can carry, ready access to the learning state, which is the mobile phone as a learning proper value.
Old people

With the improvement of people's health and life expectancy of the population, the elderly account for a growing proportion of the population. After accounting for nearly a third of the population proportion of older age groups, they need to belong to their mobile phones, they probably have sought to require the phone on phone features easy operation, the display font size and other characteristics, Sai Luote pioneered old mobile phones, many manufacturers have to follow the development of their own brand of old mobile phones.
Practical features: large screen, large fonts, big ring, big buttons, Chase voice;
Easy life: professional software (visualization, the menu is simple, structural clarity), one-touch dialing, paper money, flashlights, hearing aids, speech reading the phone book, read text messages, read calls, read dial).
Not only that but also improve the quality of life of older persons functions: loud radios, Peking Opera, a key to help (after issuing a distress button high-decibel sound, and also to specify the number of outgoing calls, send out a distress message), daily recipes (the best you can download and online updates), grocery shopping lists.

Children phones, refers specifically designed for children, manufactured mobile phones. Compared with ordinary mobile phones, mobile phones are often designed for children cartoon, functional customization. Is to facilitate contact parents, custody of children, specifically for children aged 4-14 and research and development for children phone. It is designed to meet the mental habits of children and safety education needs. The average adult cell phone radiation caused by excessive battery quality and other issues, has also become a priority issue faced by manufacturers, vendors have been using a lithium polymer battery lithium battery to replace the traditional battery to reduce the bottom and a mobile phone antenna design radiation, effectively improve the safety of children's mobile phones. However, if necessary, recommended for children under the non-use of mobile phones as little as possible, because the immune system is less than the adult children themselves.

Stocks phone is a software that can be used to install a mobile phone stocks, also known as stocks, stock machine, the stock transaction machine. Stocks phone's screen is relatively large, so conducive to investors to see real-time data. Investors using the phone simple and convenient to use stocks, easy to carry, so the general stock market investors have chosen to use the phone to make online transactions.

Music phone, in fact, in addition to the basic functions of the phone (call, send SMS, etc.), it is more focused on music playback. Is characterized by good sound quality, long-lasting music, music player shortcut key. Good music phone Sony Ericsson WALKMAN series and Nokia XpressMusic series, the other brands are also involved in some kind of phone.

TV mobile phone refers to the mobile phone terminal equipment, technology or application transmission of television content. Implementation of mobile TV services there are three:
1. The use of cellular mobile networks, such as the United States, Sprint, China Mobile and China Unicomcheap louis vuitton neverfull, the Chinese companies have used this approach to launch mobile TV services.
2. Use of satellite broadcasting, South Korea's operators plan to use this approach.
3. Is to install digital TV receiver module in the phone directly receive digital TV signals.
The use of mobile networks the way: the United States and China mobile operators to launch mobile TV service relies mainly on existing mobile networks to achieve.
China Mobile's mobile TV service is based on its GPRS network, China Unicom is to rely on its CDMA1X network. This mobile TV services are actually using streaming media technology to mobile TV as a data service launch.
Whether or CDMA1X mobile phones GPRS mobile phone, you need to install the appropriate player software operating system for mobile phones equipped with a terminal (usually PDA mobile phones and other high-end products), while the corresponding television program by the mobile communication company or to the corresponding SP organization and delivery.
Use of satellite networks manner, using mobile phones to receive satellite broadcast television signal is a very novel idea. Only South Korea in pushing this mobile TV broadcasts (DMB). Appropriate standards Korea and Japan have been identified, this module will soon be launched in two places. The rest of the world will be lagging behind some.
Responsible for the production of such handsets Samsung said, DMB module will enable handset prices increased 20-30 US dollars. Samsung expects this DMB phone and TV service will launch in the third quarter.
The most promising mobile TV technology is through the integration of digital TV and mobile phones the way. This approach requires the installation of microwave digital television receiver module in the mobile phone terminal may not be a mobile communication network via the link, direct access to the digital television signal.
Phone only the European digital television standard and the DVB-H broadcast standard in Japan single band. DVB-H called the Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld, it is the transmission standard for digital TV standards organizations in Europe (DVB) through terrestrial digital broadcasting network to provide multimedia services to mobile / handheld terminals enacted.
Relying on DVB-H standard DVB-T transmission system capable of stably receiving broadcast television signals by adding some additional features and improved technology allows mobile phones and other portable devices. DVB-H standard was approved by the DVB technology research group. Japan under its microwave digital TV playback "ISDB-T" standard, developed a "single band playing" specification. Although these two techniques are quite standardized, there are big difference between them. One-segment broadcasting is frequency divided, narrowing the bandwidth, DVB-H is a time division digital multimedia broadcasting using bandwidth to transmit data pulse of each channel. Generally, in addition to the data required for the channel, the tuner circuit is turned off at other times, the power consumption can be effectively reduced.

Gaming phone, which is more geared to the game-enabled mobile phones. Is characterized by the body set up specifically for the game easy to play a key or keys, the screen generally will not be small. For example, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Z1i.
HD movies

HD movies phones to meet the needs of users to enjoy HD movies anywhere, usually a larger screen size, high resolution, primarily focused on the user's visual experience. Also need to support the large-capacity battery for a long time to watch movies. There has emerged a variety of screen resolution of HD level (1024 × 768) of large-screen phone. For example, Samsung Note2 like.

In the slim phone encyclopedia iPhone 5 V version of the photo camera function be very strong. iPhone 5 V supports 1080P full HD video capture, enhanced stability in addition to shooting outside, it also adds intelligent smile detection function, and can also take pictures while recording at the same time, this is quite similar and HTC One X. Also Facetime front camera feature also supports 3G networks while camera for video calls up to 720P HD quality level, and the same with smile detection feature. Although the iPhone 5 V version of the camera, no change in the pixel parameters, but richer and more useful features to enhance or have a good performance. Coupled with the ingenuity of the color match I want to believe it is definitely a status symbol.
Tablet PC

As the name suggests: You can call the Tablet PC.
Since the tablet portability and aesthetics are all laptops can not go beyond, and the traditional concept of smart phones although with the computer's operating system, but can not be achieved due to the extent of the computer's features and use, in this environment, mobile tablet computers came into being, this tablet will not only have all the features of the phone, also has computer functions, has become a veritable can call tablet PC.
Smart card

Smart card phones is an integrated security chip and PSAM card combination, both to achieve the phone functions, but also to achieve remittance, balance inquiries, credit card payments and many other business functions, all transactions using bank cards are built-in random password password keyboard input, effectively prevent third-party input method of hidden dangers, safe and reliable; all data communications hardware encryption. Support APN card using an ad hoc wireless channels and PSAM card technology, transfer of funds to protect the safety of users and confidentiality, is a smartphone with both financial self-service terminals to conduct financial business processes of high-tech products, the user can handle anywhere business, convenience and flexibility can save a lot of time and effort.
1, which is a smartphone;
2, support banking and some convenience services;
3, no transfer can be completed online banking payment functionality;
4, support for a number of banks;
5. All UnionPay debit card and credit card use;
6, multiple encryption to ensure security;
7, easy to operate, easy to use.
Operating system

Android is Google on November 5, 2007 announced the open source Linux-based mobile operating system, the platform consists of an operating system, middleware,louis vuitton handbags outlet user interface and application software components [4].
Android original meaning of the word means "robot." Meanwhile Android system architecture and also its operating systems, uses a layered architecture. From the chart to see, Android is divided into four layers, respectively from the top to the lower level is the application layer, application framework layer, the system runtime layer and the Linux kernel layer.
Android before official release, beginning with two internal test version, and the name of the famous robot to its name.
They are: Astro Boy (AndroidBeta), Clockwork Robot (Android 1.0).
Later, as it relates to copyright issues, Google will change its naming rules for the use of the system version of the dessert as their code of nomenclature. Dessert nomenclature started in Android 1.5 when released.
As the size of each version of the dessert representatives getting bigger and bigger, and then follow the 26 alphabetical order: Cupcake (Android 1.5), Donut (Android 1.6), muffins (Android 2.0 / 2.1), frozen yogurt (Android 2.2), gingerbread (Android 2.3), honeycomb (Android 3.0, Android 3.1 and Android 3.2), ice Cream sandwich (Android 4.0), jelly beans (Jelly Bean, Android4.1, Android 4.2 and Android 4.3, as well as unreleased acid orange faction Android 5.0). Users can get a better experience by ROOT.
Representatives supported Manufacturer: Samsung, millet, Huawei, Meizu, ZTE, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony.

Apple's iOS is a closed-source operating system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad development. Like its Mac OS X operating system is based, it is also based in Darwin. This system was originally called iPhone OS, until June 7, 2010 WWDC conference to announce renamed iOS. iOS system architecture is divided into four levels: the core operating system (the Core OS layer), core service layer (the Core Services layer), the media layer (the Media layer), Cocoa Touch framework layer (the Cocoa Touch layer). Has been developed to iOS 8.1.
Support Manufacturer: Apple.

Symbian OS is designed for mobile phones, Symbian operating system, which includes a joint database, user interface framework and reference implementations of common tools, which is the predecessor of Psion's EPOC. Was acquired by Nokia in December 2008. Symbian was the highest utilization rate of the mobile operating system market, occupy most of the market share. But with Google's Android system and Apple iphone rushed to occupy the phone system market, Symbian basic phone system has lost its dominant position. Many branches of Symbian system, mainly early Symbian S80, Symbian S90, Symbian UIQ, and now still use Symbian S60 3rd, Symbian S60 5th, Symbian ^ 3, Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle. Symbian was officially curtain call January 24, 2013, to bid farewell to the stage of history. Finally, a phone system is equipped with Symbian Nokia 808 pureview.
The main support for manufacturers: Nokia, Sony.
Windows Phone

Microsoft released Windows Phone is a mobile operating system, at 21:30 on October 11th, 2010, Microsoft officially released the smartphone operating system Windows Phone, while Google's Android and Apple's IOS as a major competitor . March 21, 2012, Windows Phone 7.5 landed in China. June 21, 2012, Microsoft officially released the latest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8 will use the same core Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows using the same 8 Streamlining NT kernel and built for the mobile platform, Nokia Maps . Users can get a better experience through jailbreak.
The main support for manufacturers: HTC, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Huawei.

MeeGo is Nokia and Intel announced the launch of a free mobile operating system, Chinese nickname meters dogs, the operating system can run on a variety of electronic devices smartphones, laptops and TVs, and helps these devices achieve seamless integration. This Linux-based platform is called MeeGo, the integration of Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin platform. 2009, Nokia announced to abandon MeeGo, focused on the Windows Phone platform.
Main Support Manufacturer: Nokia.

System to break the foreign monopoly in the field of infrastructure software, to lead and develop an operating system with Chinese intellectual property rights and Chinese characteristics. In addition, the open-source operating system based on the presence of security on many issues, foreign companies dominated the presence of an operating system acclimatized, COS appearance will simultaneously solve both the security and usability issues.
8 Care

Emergency Care

Phone is a portable backup baby, when used early case of accidents or functional degradation, etc., are relatively than any electrical appliances in your home are high. If you have some basic first aid phone, first make repairs before being sent to the rescue, can reduce losses, save a life mobile phones.
Save water phones
Phone the rain, accidental fall into water was the most common, if you really so unhappy, please do not hesitate, you should immediately remove the battery, forcing power, in order to avoid corrosion drop board. Then send the repair as soon as possible, is the emergency response. In addition, with a hair dryer moisture inside the phone (only available cold), but also can reduce the degree of moisture corrosion board, but also the contingency approach.
If you cherish, still continue to use battery installed, then perhaps still operate properly, in fact illusory.
When the use of hair dryer phone, remember to temperature to a minimum, such as excessive heat may cause deformation of body compound.
Phone fell into the toilet, and immediately it out, and remove the battery, dry into a jar of dried rice because rice has good drying effect.
Automatic shutdown of the rescue:
Phone sufficient power and is in standby mode, it will automatically put out the machine's condition suddenly many users experience too, the reason may have the following possibilities:
1. Protection circuit effect of lithium over sensitive, so a large current on the power.
2. Battery itself is aging.
3. Phone accidentally water (part of the phone is not waterproof).
4. Bits of metal battery contacts are dirt, causing the power supply is bad.
5. The Engagement position between the battery and the phone is easy to loose.
If, after examination, found the first two questions, then you must go to the repair shop for repairs.
But if the latter two, the problem only lies in the "metal battery" dirty due to oxidation, just use a glue stick to wipe clean, the situation will be improved. And in between the battery and the phone pad of cardboard or film, you can solve the battery loose, caused by poor contact problem.
Phone focuses on maintenance
The so-called "prevention is better than cure", if every time the phone trouble again until the remedy, may have been too late! Here are five easy with bad cell phone case, are often guilty of all the small problems, if you can do it, you can make your cell phone in a safe state.
A bogey: Avoid touching the metal sheet of the SIM card, destroy or damage any scratch will cause the SIM card can not be read.
Bogey two: avoid the phone on air-conditioning outlet, because water vapor condenses on the phone will be invisible to corrosion board.
Bogey three: Enough is enough charging time, usually eight hours had enough excess charge if it will shorten battery life.
Bogey four: remember, cell phone antenna such as non-need, please do not pull out at random or when toy to play with, to avoid affecting reception.
Bogey five: the phone for fear of accidentally wet, put on waterproof bag and waterproof capsule, can play efficient protection.
Routine maintenance

1. Do not wait for dead cell phone battery was charging [5].
We will have a general idea is that the phone's battery power to recharge fully discharged better is basically wrong, because most of our previously used in rechargeable batteries are nickel-cadmium (Nicd) batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries are called the memory effect and hold the electricity and then charge it will lead to the rapid decrease battery life. Therefore, we will use the last drop of power began to charge. But the moment, mobile phone and digital products, most of lithium (Li) batteries, and lithium batteries, then there is no memory effect problems. If we still run out of power until after the charge, then, will make the unstable chemical structure of the internal lithium battery leading to reduced life expectancy. This is the message received from the manufacturer, and after the test itself derived.
2. When the phone is charging, do not answer the phone! !
The reason is that there is potentially dangerous when charging, incoming calls would. India has a 31-year-olds in the insurance company's business manager, ten days ago in cell phone charger and then also answer the phone, and after a few seconds a lot of current through the phone, this young man has been dropped to the ground, family when found, fingers burn, weak heartbeat, and has lost consciousness. After the emergency to the hospital, authentic louis vuitton walletthe doctor announced to the hospital died. Mobile phones are the most commonly used modern invention. However, we must also be alert to the risk of death to the instrument.

First, the emergence of the phenomenon of the memory can be re-activated. The key here is how to discharge. First, do not covet the easy way with a wire to connect the battery poles short, this will cause damage to the battery! Some chargers have a discharge function, but this method has its drawbacks. It discharge currents than the phone's operating current large, which also has damage to the battery. Besides can not determine whether the electrical discharge end. Repeated discharge until the phone is placed over one hour is still longer boot, even if discharge is basically over. Methods and approaches activation charge the same as when bought new phone, first charging more than ten hours, and then supplementary charge two to three hours. If you have time, do supplementary charge can be repeated two or three times.
Second, do not wait for the phone to use a very short time to do the activation shrink, so because of lack of time caused by the discharge is not sufficient, battery memory still remains. After activation time will be very short. The best time was significantly shorter in the use of activation measures will be taken. For example, the new phone usage time is seven days, when the time is reduced to four days or so to do in respect activated. Such a weekend you can easily finish the activation.
Third, sometimes buy a new phone or reactivate time not long after it dropped significantly, the memory effect is not necessarily the case, but there may be caused by poor contact. Preferably before re-activation of the battery and the phone's contacts do a do cleaning swabbing: a cotton swab or toothpick wrapped with a small paper towel dampened with alcohol swabbing it. Must not use a hard object to scratch, so it will increase bad. No alcohol available in high spirits instead. Wipe dry paint immediately after use paper towels to avoid alcohol overflow opening between the poles of the battery caused by a short circuit.
Four times the battery power is not necessarily the identity Spaces appeared no electricity or memory effect, there may be a cell phone battery identification function problems. This usually occurs after a period of use of mobile phones to determine the solution is simple: Do not charge when there is a space immediately, wait and see whether the phone automatically shut down soon. Of course, no need to check every time, over a period of time to pay attention to what is necessary. Otherwise it will speed up the memory effect of the battery. Of course, not all phones will appear this situation.
Radiation Prevention

When answering a cell phone in the phone ringing off the best one or two seconds later, because the phone is turned on instantly and charging calls, electromagnetic radiation released greatest. Do not answer the phone while charging. Thermal effects due to radiation energy produced is a cumulative process, and therefore should minimize the use of mobile phones each time, and the number using the phone every day. Use the phone every day cumulative call time should not exceed 1-2 hours.
In addition, we should also reduce answer or make a call in the following situations or states:
1, a narrow corner. A lot of people in order to avoid their being heard someone call, usually find a narrow stairwell corner or office were answering or making calls. Under normal circumstances, signal coverage stairwell of the building corners and relatively poor, and therefore to some extent, so that cell phone radiation power increases.
2. Akira West to go East, frequent moves. Some people prefer not consciously pacing in a cell phone, frequent walking, but I do not know the location of the frequent movement will cause the received signal strength fluctuations, causing unnecessary short-term high-power transmitters.
3, in a moving car. 2 with the truth, like a cell phone in a moving vehicle, when it may be an area in order to avoid too frequent switching, and specify the wider coverage of high-power base stations to provide services, which transmit power is due to increased transmission distance improved.
4, cell phone signal becomes weaker. Many people in the cell phone signal becomes weak, will not consciously phone close to his ears, in fact, this time we chose to hang up the phone or what other way to make the phone away from himself is the correct approach.
Phone Case

1, the role of protecting the phone, the phone screen against a hard object or body scratch,
2, you can DIY a variety of patterns on the phone shell, beauty, fashion role
3, silicone shell can be prevented with key contacts long fingernails scratched, worn, has the role of protecting the screen and keys

1, mobile phone eye injury
2, mobile phones make you sick
3, the mobile phone the ability to destroy the centralized
4, resulting in pressure on the phone
Mobile phones in use will produce electromagnetic radiation, radiation make a fold increased risk of brain cancer, call one hour permanent deafness especially just turned the moment daily maximum radiation on the ear. The longer the time of electromagnetic radiation, the greater the volume, the greater the harm to the ear, electromagnetic radiation can cause short-term tinnitus, ear fullness, memory loss. Frequent answer the phone will cause cataracts
Continuous phone call two hours certainly lens of the eye damage. Suggest that you do not burn "mobile porridge", the longest talk time try to control the half-hour phone radiation can lead to Alzheimer's phone hanging chest affect the female endocrine cell phone radiation will reduce the male reproductive capacity of mobile phone radiation caused insomnia and headaches
Phone put the pillow ----- cause central nervous system disorder
Mobile phone radiation on the human head is more harmful, it affects the central nervous system caused by dysfunctional, causing headaches, dizziness, insomnia, dreams and hair loss and other symptoms, some people will have facial irritation.
----- Phone hung on the chest causes heart disease and endocrine disorders
Phone hung on the chest, heart and endocrine systems have an impact. Electromagnetic radiation can affect normal cell metabolism, resulting in potassium, calcium, sodium and other metal ions disorders, leading to menstrual disorders. .
----- Spermicide phone on his hip, affect reproductive function, and even DNA lesions
If the phone often hanging beside the body of the waist or abdomen, which send and receive electromagnetic signals generated when the radiation to the human body's sperm or eggs, which may affect the user's reproductive function. Human sperm, eggs exposed to cell phone radiation, it is possible to produce DNA lesions.
Mobile Internet, read ----- cause eye cancer
A German study found that for the first time, the opportunity to commonly used mobile phones of people suffering from eye cancer three times more than others, the use of mobile Internet, reading the crowd, the prevalence will be higher.
Research by the University of Essen, Germany granted the leadership of Shi Tang conducted there amazing discovery, they were investigating a "uveal melanocytes cancer" of eye cancer when they found the cancer and radiation are closely related.
Phone Disease
Mobile phone has become the first major communication and even entertainment tool, you can easily reach the thumb touch the ancient "virtual neighbors" state, but with the 3G network and the popularity of smart phones, the Internet is all about letting collect palm, wherever can play with his head down looking at the cell phone. However, because of over-reliance on mobile phones, along with also a growing number of "mobile phone" disease appeared in our midst.
Just when the rise of the Internet, there are many such as "addiction", "short-sighted" and other symptoms appear, in fact, some of the "mobile phone" disease is also associated with similar incentives, mobile obsessive-compulsive disorder.
A survey shows that: 77% of people over the phone open 12 hours a day, 34% of people 24 hours to boot. 94% of people use mobile phones in more than five years. "If you go to a distant place for business or vacation, what would you most like to bring that?" More than 60 percent of respondents preferred the phone. 65% of people said that if the phone is not around, would have some anxiety.
In fact, this problem due to excessive coercion, it will affect people's normal life, over-reliance on smartphones easy for people to lose power and the ability to ponder the same time, no longer know how to use the time to rest any pastime, will damage human health.
Buy recommendations

First, choose the right brand: the market management department for approval by the radio sales of domestic and foreign mobile phone brands, many types of consumer credit in the choice should be mainly from the brand mobile phone manufacturers, service, mobile phones and related accessories,louis vuitton outlet online and other aspects of quality to consider.
Second, choose the right business: Consumers generally can go to the manufacturer's franchised stores or designated dealership to make a purchase, because the manufacturers franchise stores sales agent for the most in-depth understanding of the product, accessories are complete, not only directly but also sound and thoughtful service.
Third, careful observation: in fact through careful observation, we can buy a new phone to find some "clues" and thus know whether the phone is genuine.
Fourth, inspect parts: check phone configuration: battery, charger, headset phone box to check whether there is a Chinese label printing is fine; if there are original Chinese manual, original certificate, warranty card, original battery; rapid charger, charging cradle and other species and number of attachments is available, whether the manufacturers Original; the power plug is in line with our standard.
V. Request certificate purchase: buy their own Heart of phone, pay attention to the merchant to obtain proof of purchase, the certificate shall include full product brand, model specifications, the phone's electronic serial number, date of purchase, etc., to prepare for the event of a dispute provide evidence to the authorities.

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