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Neolithic, Hong Kong has been human activity.
Qin Shi Huang unified China, 214 BC (Qin Shihuang twenty-three years), China sent troops to put down the Bai Yue Qin,authentic louis vuitton wallet set the South County, the Hong Kong area into its territory, is Panyu County jurisdiction. Under which began, Hong Kong will be placed under the jurisdiction of the central government, then clearly become the territory of the Central Plains (Zhongyuan narrowly refers Henan area. Generalized Central Plains, refers to the Yellow River region), from this point on until the Qing Dynasty, with the Central Plains Civilization retreating southward, Hong Kong can be gradually developed.
South County Boluo Han Hong membership.
The salty and six years (AD 331), Hong Kong, Dongguan County membership Baoan County. East Jincheng Di salty and six eastern South County will draw, and the other set up a Dongguan county, under the jurisdiction of the six counties in Bao'an, Ning, Haifeng and so on. Baoan County's jurisdiction, including today's Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Dongguan City, the county is today's Shenzhen Nantou City.
Sui and waste Dongguan County, will be incorporated into the Guangzhou government jurisdiction South County, Baoan County, South County was changed to the membership, Hong Kong is still vested in the Po
County management.
Tang D'years (AD 757 years), Baoan County, Dongguan County, Dongguan, Hong Kong is still attached to the county.
Song and Yuan Dynasties, a large number of the population moved to the mainland, Hong Kong, prompting the Hong Kong economy, culture has been greatly developed. Chinese Yuan in Jiangxi province when the genus, Yuan Dynasty, in the southwest of Hong Kong Tuen Mun, Tuen Mun outport in Guangzhou Inspection Division has set up the garrison, to prevent pirate invasion, guard the Guangzhou area.
County from Dongguan Ming Dynasty set up the new County draw some places, for later in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Island since the Wanli Emperor Wanli (AD 1573), has been to the Qing Dynasty Emperor Xuan Zong 21 years (AD 1841) became a British colony until the area directly under the Guangzhou government a new County jurisdiction.
Qing troops in 1662 to the New Territories, and ordered the villagers to stay braid. Hong Kong Qing Dynasty, has been playing an important role in foreign trade, as Hong Kong and Guangzhou interdependent geographically,louis vuitton neverfull mm and Guangzhou is the only commercial port Qing opening. [2]
In the former British occupation of Hong Kong, Hong Kong is basically a desert island, the island south of Stanley and Shek Pai Wan Tai Tam Tuk, A Kung Ngam eastern Bay wells, some fishermen live. Other Wong Nai Chung Chau lamp first, seven sisters a few, there are some small villages Bay, when the inhabitants of the island of about 3,000 people. [2] Early fancy British Hong Kong Victoria Harbor in East Asia have become excellent potential for the port until the late 19th century, after the defeat of the Qing Dynasty, the batch was ceded areas and leased to the United Kingdom to become the British colony.
That is twenty-two years of the Qing dynasty in 1842, the Sino-British Opium War, the Qing government was defeated, ceded Hong Kong Island to Britain. Xianfeng years ie 1860, Kowloon Peninsula was ceded to Britain again. Guangxu twenty-four years in 1898, New England was also forced to lease, then all owned by the British Hong Kong administration. Three parts (Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories), respectively, throughout the territory of Hong Kong from three different periods of unequal treaties.
January 26, 1841: After the first Opium War, the British occupation of Hong Kong Island, after the Qing government had tried to be recovered by force, dynasty emperor issued under the multi-channel decree to this end, but can not always defend the territorial integrity of the Qing Dynasty.
August 29, 1842: Qing government to sign the unequal and the United Kingdom, "Nanjing Treaty"
British ship forced the Qing government signed the "Treaty of Nanking"
British ship forced the Qing government signed the "Treaty of Nanking"
(The original name of "Jiangning Treaty"), Hong Kong Island was ceded to Britain.
October 24, 1860: Britain to sign the unequal "Beijing Treaty" south of the Kowloon Peninsula was ceded to the British Boundary Street area.
June 9, 1898: Britain forced the Qing government to sign the "Extension of Hong Kong Boundary Ordinance" lease boundaries to the north of Kowloon Peninsula Street and girls near 262 islands, 99-year lease (until June 30, 1997 end).
December 25, 1941: During World War II, the Japanese invaded Hong
British officials at the border tree monument
British officials at the border tree monument
Hong Kong, unable to resist the British garrison, the then Governor of Hong Kong YANG MU QI reluctantly surrendered. Hong Kong was occupied by Japan.
September 15, 1945: After the defeat of Japan in Hong Kong to sign the book down, the withdrawal of Hong Kong.
After World War II, Hong Kong's rapid economic and social development, becoming the New York, London's third largest financial center in the world. Not only become one of the "Asian tigers" of Asia's financial, service and shipping center.
From 1982 to 1984, on the implementation of the Sino-British negotiations future of Hong Kong, December 19, 1984 signed the "People's Republic of China and the Government of the United Kingdom Government Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong", decided in July 1997 on the 1st of the People
Republic resumption of sovereignty over Hong Kong. China's commitment to the implementation of two systems in Hong Kong will maintain the existing capitalist system and way of life, and enjoy a high degree of autonomy except for defense and foreign affairs of all transactions, that is, "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong, a high degree of autonomy."
July 1, 1997, cheap louis vuitton speedyChina resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong, Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. According to "the Basic Law of the SAR People's Republic of China", Hong Kong retained the original economic model, legal and social systems for 50 years, the implementation of "one country two systems", except defense and foreign affairs owned by the central government control, the SAR enjoys high degree of autonomy.
2 Geography
Location Realm
Hong Kong's geographical coordinates of longitude 114 ° 15 ', latitude 22 ° 15', located in China
Google Maps show in Hong Kong
Google Maps show in Hong Kong
South coast, east of the Pearl River estuary in Guangdong Province, China, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and 262 inland areas and small islands (Islands) component. North of Hong Kong, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, south of Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, Wanshan Islands. Hong Kong, Macao and across the west of the relative distance of 61 kilometers, 130 kilometers south of Guangzhou, 1,200 kilometers away from Shanghai. [3]
Hong Kong's three major areas are: Hong Kong Island, about 81 square kilometers; the Kowloon Peninsula about 47 square kilometers; New Territories and 262 outlying islands total of about 976 square kilometers. The total area of 2,755.03 square kilometers under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong, where the land area of 1,104.32 square kilometers, the water area of 1650.64 square kilometers. [4]
Hong Kong is mainly hilly terrain, the highest point of elevation 958
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Hong Kong
Meters of Tai Mo Shan. Hong Kong's small flat, about two percent of land belonging to the lowlands, mainly in the northern New Territories, respectively Yuen Long Plain and Fanling lowland rivers are naturally formed by the alluvial plain; followed in Kowloon Peninsula and the northern part of Hong Kong Island, reclamation of land from the original narrow flat outer expansion. Although the habit is taken from a Hong Kong Island, the largest island in Hong Kong but it is a large area than the island of Lantau, Hong Kong 2 times more. [5]
Hong Kong has a subtropical climate with high temperatures, the annual average temperature is 22.8 ℃. Summers are hot and humid, temperatures between about 26 ~ 30 ℃; winters are cool and dry, but rarely dropped below 5 ℃. Between May-September rainy, sometimes considerable rain. Between summer and fall, when there is typhoon, from July to September is the typhoon season in Hong Kong's more, during the period from May to November, but there may be subject to different intensities of tropical cyclones. On the western North Pacific and East China Sea and South China Sea, an annual average of 30 tropical cyclones formed, half of which reached typhoon intensity, maximum winds of 118 kilometers per hour or more. Hong Kong's average annual rainfall 2214.3 mm,cheap louis vuitton bags maximum rainfall month is August, the month is January minimal rainfall. [6] In addition, the Hong Kong high-rise concentrated and dense urban areas, densely populated, microclimate formed prone to heat island effect, resulting in urban and suburban significant temperature differences, urban high-rise skyscrapers let the air "suspended particulates "difficult to disperse.
Water system
Hong Kong is in the humid subtropical environment, rich runoff, surface water development. However, the limited scope of the role water system, no major rivers. Except as Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the Shenzhen River outside boundary rivers, mainly the Shing Mun River, the Indus River, Lam Tsuen River, Yuen Long and Kam Tin River and other river, the vast majority of not more than five miles of river length, velocity and flow and seasonal rainfall closely related to the year in a very unstable. Difficult to maintain the flow of water or drying up during the dry season, the river bed absolutely shattered or partially exposed, wet season could easily reach full shore water, flooded. Shenzhen River originates Wutongshan Shelter Ridge, from northeast to southwest flow into Shenzhen Bay, the Lingdingyang. A total length of 37 km, the basin area of 312.5 square kilometers, of which one side is 187.5 square kilometers in Shenzhen, the Hong Kong side of 125 square kilometers. The territory of Hong Kong is a major tributary of the Indus River in Shenzhen.
3 Resources
Marine Resources
Hong Kong facing the South China Sea, near the continental shelf, the vast ocean, numerous islands. There fishery geographical environment. Hong Kong has more than 150 kinds of fish with commercial value, mainly red shirt, nine sticks, bigeye fish, croaker, yellow belly and squid.
Mineral Resources
As of the end of 2013, has proven reserves of a small amount of iron, aluminum, zinc, tungsten, beryl, and graphite.

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