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The world's first a coffee trees found in the Horn of Africa. Local indigenous tribes often grind the coffee fruit, then it is mixed with animal fat kneading together, made a number of spherical balls.cheap louis vuitton handbags These indigenous tribes as these coffee meatball precious food, specifically for those warriors about to set off to enjoy.
Kenya AA
At the time, people do not understand the excitement coffee eaters showed how the same thing - they do not know if this is caused by irritation of coffee, on the contrary, people think of it as coffee consumption were demonstrated by religious fanaticism. Think this drink is very mysterious, it became pastor and doctor's special products. For the origin of coffee there are different kinds of legends. The most common and for the public Lok Road is the story of a shepherd, legends have a shepherd, when the shepherd came across his sheep bounce, a closer look at the original sheep is eating a red fruit only lead to funny weird behavior. He tried to pick up some of this red fruit back to boiling, did not expect a room full of fragrance, boiled juice is in high spirits after drinking, refreshing, since then, this fruit was used as a refreshing beverages, and acclaimed.
In ancient times the Arabs after the beans are dried and boiled first, drink the juice as a stomach that helps digestion. Later found that there refreshing effect of coffee, and because Islamic law is strictly prohibited Catholics drinking alcoholic beverages so he substituted with coffee, as a refreshing drink and often drink. After the fifteenth century, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca have coffee back to live, make coffee gradually spread to Egypt, Syria, Iran and Turkey and other countries. Coffee into the continental Angelica was due to the Turkish Ottoman Empire, addicted to drink coffee because of the Ottoman army and the local continental expedition several years stationed, when the final withdrawal of the army, leaving a large number of supplies, including coffee beans, including people Commodities, Vienna and Paris to be with these beans, and get cooking lessons from the Turks, cheap louis vuitton handbags outletand the development of the coffee culture in Europe. War was originally captured and destroyed, but accidentally brought a fusion of cultural exchange, this is the rulers of the unexpected
Westerners are familiar with coffee, three hundred years of history, however, has been used as a popular drink in all sectors of society in the East, in front of the coffee in the more distant era. The exact time of the earliest and most coffee appeared that the 8th century BC, but as early as in the works of Homer (the Greek poet, birth and death there is controversy, a more authoritative statement is born in 744 BC --- Translator's Note) and in many ancient Arab legend, had written a magical, color black, taste bitter, and has a strong stimulus strength drinks. Around the 10th century, Avicenna (Avicenna, 980-1037, one of the ancient Islamic world's most outstanding master of philosophers, doctors, and other theorists --- Translator's Note) then use coffee as a drug treatment disease. There is also a strange story from the 5th century, the legend of a Yemeni shepherd saw a group of goats from the title of a bush berries off the reddish color, and soon these goats become restless, excited, this shepherd this piece the reports gave a monk, the monk will be some berries cooked, and then extract a kind of bitter, strong enough, and can drink driving drowsiness and sleepiness
2 Development
Harar coffee
Coffee coffee highlands province of origin law in southwestern Ethiopia, is said to be a thousand years ago a shepherd found the sheep eat a plant after became very excited and lively, so the discovery of coffee. There argument is that because of a wildfire burned a piece of coffee forest, barbecue aroma of coffee attracted the attention of the surrounding residents. Initially people chew with refreshing fruit of this plant, and later incorporated into flour for bread baking ground, as the Warriors food to improve the operational courage. However, these legends are the lack of historical evidence file, only appeared in later generations tourist biography, and therefore difficult to trace the real cause of the origin of coffee.
Until about the 11th century, people began to use boiled coffee as a beverage. When the 13th century, Ethiopian troops invaded Yemen, the Arab world brought coffee. Because Islam prohibit drinking followers, some religious people think that this drink to stimulate the nerve, in violation of the doctrine, once the ban and close the coffee shop, but the Egyptian Sudan believes that coffee does not violate the doctrine, thus lifting the ban, coffee drinks quickly became popular in the Arab region come. Coffee Coffee word is derived from the Arabic Qahwa,cheap louis vuitton handbags authentic meaning "plant drinks", and later spread to Turkey, as a source of European languages the word.
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But in the 15th century AD, before the coffee has long been monopolized by the Arab world, spread only among Muslim countries; which was mainly used in medicine and religion, Muslim doctors and monks admitted coffee with a refreshing, refreshing, stomach, physical, bleeding and other effects; the early 15th century has documented the use of coffee the way, and in this period into the religious ceremonies, but also in civil society as a daily drink. Alcohol is prohibited because the Muslim world, so coffee became a very important social drinks. Until the 16th and 17th century, after passing through the sale of coffee Merchant of Venice and the Dutch maritime supremacy in Europe, and soon, this is full of oriental mystery, taste fragrant aroma beverage black Charm by aristocratic gentry class struggle phase compete, coffee worth also continued to rise, and even produced a "black gold" in the title, was popular in aristocratic send each special day to show enjoy carnival beans, or to long-lost relatives and friends, have the money into the bag, Zhu Heshun then in Italy, but also the identity of a status symbol. The "black gold" in the Age of Discovery next surging, borrowed from the sea spread around the world have been incorporated into the production and consumption of coffee territory.
Our Shanghai has become the largest market for coffee consumption, as more and more white-collar workplace, expatriates, like drinking coffee in his spare time and a lot of restaurants, have launched a tea business, the majority of which has coffee, and coffee countries in this market have found their
3 spread

Blue Mountain Coffee
From shepherd first discovered in Ethiopia coffee, has 1500 years of history. It is full of hardships and colorful legendary 1500 years.
500 years, Carl Shepherd on behalf of the first to discover the magical coffee.
525 years, the first strains of coffee trees planted in the Arabian Peninsula.
1475, the first coffee house was born in Constantinople.
1615, Venice, Italy passed a coffee from the European continent.
1620, coffee passed the North American continent.
1690, coffee incoming Asia.
1723, the French officer was Crewe coffee seedlings brought the Americas.
1893, coffee plantations in Kenya and Tanzania.
1902, missionaries brought the coffee species in Yunnan.
4 main components

1. Caffeine
Gloria Jean Coffee
Has particularly strong bitter taste, stimulate the central nervous system, heart and respiratory system. The right amount of caffeine may reduce muscle fatigue, promote secretion of digestive juice. Because it will promote kidney function, have a diuretic effect, helping the body of excess sodium ions excreted. However, excessive intake can cause caffeine intoxication.
2. tannins
After boiling tannins gallic acid will decompose into focus, so too long brewing coffee taste will deteriorate.
3. Fat
The most important is acidic and volatile fatty fat.
4. Fatty Acid
That fat contains acid, its strength will vary due to different types of coffee.
5. Volatile fatty
Is the main source of coffee aroma, it is a will emit about forty species of aromatic substances.
6. Protein
The main source of calories,cheap louis vuitton luggage the proportion is not high. Protein coffee brewed coffee at the end, probably will not dissolve out, so uptake into limited.
7. Sugar
Sugar and coffee beans contain about 8%, after most of the sugar will be converted into baked caramel, so the formation of brown coffee and tannins combine with each other to produce a sweet taste.
8. Fiber
Kopi Luwak
Baked beans will be carbonized fibers, and then combined with each other to form a coffee caramel tones.
9. minerals
Containing a small amount of lime, iron, phosphorus, and sodium carbonate.
Vitamin B2
Coffee Nutrition
Nutrients per 100 g of coffee beans in the following table
The 10 grams of coffee dissolved in hot water content of 0.04 grams of caffeine, tannin content was 0.06 g.
5 Classification

There are two coffee species has an important economic value: Arabica and Robusta species.
At high altitudes, Arabica coffee grows best, this coffee's flavor is much more delicate than other coffee you want, this coffee caffeine content of coffee accounts for only 1% of the total weight.
Robusta coffee taste mellow, strong ability to resist pests and diseases, plant production is also high. This kind of coffee is grown at lower altitudes, taste bitter.
6 Buying Guide
No matter what kind of coffee, freshness are important factors that affect the quality. When you purchase, grab one or two of coffee beans chewed in the mouth a bit, if crisp sound, indicating that coffee is not damp, fragrant lips and teeth and is the top grade coffee beans, but the best hand squeezed and feel is solid , do not buy a shell of coffee.
Just fried beans are not suitable for immediate consumption, in general, the best drinking coffee after speculation of a week later, this time the freshest coffee flavor taste the best performance.
Further, the purity of the beans is also another consideration. Knowledgeable person coffee, pour the particle size is not necessarily see, but grab a single product beans, about dozens of components, take a look at every single bean pieces are the same color, particle size, shape is similar, in order to avoid buy mixed beans in disguise inferior. But if it is integrated beans, size, different color is normal. Heavy fire and the deep roasted coffee beans out of the oil law would cause, but lighter roasted beans if the oil, then has changed, not only alcohol was reduced, and there will be astringency and acidity. In short attention to its freshness, aroma and taste to buy coffee when there Chan in.

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