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Soil preparation and fertilization
To carry out site preparation on a sunny day, the soil should break, playing fine, loose soil. After the formation of land shall be applied in the basal end of the ridge, ridge distance 80cm, 20cm high ridge around, you can use special organic sweet potato basal fertilizer, cheap louis vuitton outlet onlinecompound fertilizer per 667 square meters dedicated shavings ~ 100kg or 50kg, urea 5kg, 15kg potassium , sweet potato using mulching cultivation, fertilizer use can be reduced by 20% to 30%. Larger acreage, require measurement of soil nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter content and soil pH, according to the characteristics of soil fertility and fertilizer requirement purple potato, rational preparation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ratio and organic fertilizer.
Seedbed nursery
Germination nursery is an important part of the entire off-season cultivation, breeding appropriate time in mid-February to early seed, into protected nursery seedbed. Seedbed using a double film protection, seed neatly arranged, the cover layer after layer of fine soil mulch tile, then arch cover a layer of film to enhance the seedbed temperatures. Perforated plastic film on the tile promptly cited seedlings, sunny day to avoid high temperature burn tender shoots. The first one month seedbed spray water every seven days 1, a month after the spray twice per week plus new lipid membrane of water and fertilizer to prevent pathogen infection, protect the seedlings grow. (Strains of up to 15 cm) cut a batch every 7-10 days, louis vuitton neverfull knockoffsince the beginning of the 1st cut seedlings spray 2 times per week and fertilizer, appropriate to increase the concentration to ensure the regeneration of seedlings nutrient supply.
Sandy loam plots selected choice, combined with early spring plowing Mushi 2-3 tons of manure, urea 15 kg, 20 kg phosphorus.
Mulching can play a role in the warming soil moisture, and can improve soil physical and chemical properties, can increase soil temperature difference between day and night, planting sweet potato generally adopt high ridge covered with two rows staggered planting methods, the entire distance 60 cm, 50 cm coverage, small line 40 cm between plants staggered, spacing 33 cm, leaving about 4000 acres, ridge height is moderate, if too dry during planting, can be planted flat cap level to facilitate seedling growth.
Timely early planting
Timely early plug, close planting: transplanting seedlings in mid-April is suitable period, when warmer temperatures in early spring perennial basically stable, sowing songs suitable period is to begin at the end of the Night Zaiyang 10 cm above ground temperature reaches 15 ℃, last year when the early winter or early plowing sun white, planting again when the entire stretch of the ridge. Plot with a width of 50cm, 4, the mid according seedbed transplanting seedlings emergence rate cut after another, using the ray interpolation methods, increase the number of potato tuber seedlings to increase the number of buried section
. 3500-4000 plug plants per acre, spacing about 33cm. Transplanting time should not exceed 20 April, otherwise the harvest was delayed, it will affect even as late in the planting season.
Timely early planting is the key to increase the sweet potato, under appropriate conditions, sowing songs sooner, the longer growing season, early tuber, tuber and more root enlargement long time, high yield, good quality; sowing songs too late, growth shortened, less sweet and small, low yields, poor quality, sowing songs is the end of the Night 10 cm ground temperature of more than 15 ℃, (mid-April or so) mulching may be appropriate to advance, you can start sowing songs, to improve the sowing songs Wang Li ensure quality seedlings, sowing songs to eliminate the "old hard MILLER" sick and weak seedlings, planting seedlings selection, the best size grading when planted seedlings, planting, respectively, so that balanced growth,cheap louis vuitton outlet online to combat black sweet potato ban's disease, 50% of the available thiophanate-methyl 1000 times seedling dip 2-3 inch base, 10 minutes.
Sweet potatoes should be planted shallow for survival on the basis of the guarantee, planting depth of 5-6 cm generally appropriate, require tight mound, the same depth, so that leaves above the ground, mud does not stick when watering when planting, the seedlings should be straight outcrop , seeding should not be exposed for too long, to prevent the wind dumped and seedling survival.
7 planting method
Level Transplanting Law
Seedlings 20 to 30 cm long, Zaimiao buried sections distributed at the soil surface, shallow depth of about 5 cm of soil. This method is basically the same tuber condition, most sections of bits can take root tuber, rarely empty section, tuber more uniform, better conditions for water and fertilizer plots, around a large area of high yielding more use of this method. But its drought resistance is poor, such as the case of high temperature and drought, barren soil and other adverse environmental conditions, it is prone to Quezhu or weak seedling.
In addition, since tuber number and more difficult to ensure that all the tubers have adequate nutrition, resulting in a small potato and yield more. The case of the production of edible fresh potato, potato is much smaller but good sales.
Xiecha law
Suitable for short planting seedlings, seedlings 15 to 20 cm long, 10 cm Zaimiao buried about 5 to 10 cm on the ground Liumiao, potato seedlings slope of about 45 degrees. Is characterized by a simple planting, potato seedling tuber buried bit more upper section and large, the lower section and a small bit less tuber, tuber size is not uniform.
The advantage is better drought resistance, high survival rate, tuber and concentrate less suitable upland mountains and water sources. By appropriately high density, strengthen the management of fertilizer, for large and high yield potato.
Bottom-shaped planting method
Seedlings base in the shallow soil 2 to 3 cm, authentic louis vuitton outletthe middle sections slightly deeper within 4 to 6 cm of soil. Suitable for fertile soil, deep soil, water and fertilizer conditions are good land. Because section buried bit more, with the level of interpolation and Xiecha law advantages. The disadvantage is buried deeper section bits, as mismanagement or heavy clay soil and other reasons, easy to empty section does tuber, so pay attention to the central node of not plug too deep to be some deep sand, clay to be shallow.
Straight hydroponics
Multi-line short seedling soil, buried 2 to 4 Nodes. The advantage is a large potato rate, drought, Huanmiao fast and suitable for dry and barren hillside plots. The disadvantage is that the number of small tuber, should ensure production of high density.
Pressure vine interpolation
Will go to the top of the potato seedlings, all the pressure in the soil, potato leaf outcrops, After planting, watering After soil compaction. The advantage is due to go to the tip insert, destroyed the apical dominance, axillary bud cuttings make premature, branch and root tuber sprouting steadily, due to leafy stems much more to promote potato tuber large and easy leggy. The disadvantage is poor drought resistance, a lot of work, it should only a small area of cultivation.
8 pests common sense
Major Diseases
Virus, leaf spot, scab, potato plague, fusarium wilt potato, sweet potato soft rot.
Disease control methods
The first is the use of virus-free seedlings of seed disinfection; followed by chemical control depending on the disease.
For physiological diseases control and prevention: due to soil nutrient deficiency, lack of physiological factors, adverse environmental factors (too dry, too wet, sunburn, heat, cold), causing nutrient deficiency disease, sunburn, aging, weak, wilting, and other physiological diseases.
Control methods: selection of resistant varieties or insensitive varieties; selection of strong growth potential of robust varieties; proper watering, so that the surface, keeping the plants dry; maintain an appropriate density; planting plots can be reduced to maintain rotation occurs.
For non-infectious diseases, prevention and treatment with sulfur and copper formulations. For bacterial diseases, such as soft rot, proper watering while watering, so that the surface, the plants dry. Fungal diseases such as downy mildew, rust and other soil-borne diseases, film and drip irrigation measures taken to keep the environment dry, you can control.
Viral diseases, through to combat aphids. [6] [3]
The main pests
Stem borer, moth, leaf borer, leaf beetles, small Drury A, wireworms, beetle, mole crickets, cutworms, cutworm, such as aphids and whitefly.
Rotation. Implementation of upland paddy crop rotation, early autumn rice crop seed potato or sweet potato late winter rice crop; or aquatic species in spring and summer autumn and winter vegetables, sweet potato species.
Using tissue culture nursery detoxification methods.
Lighting louis vuitton purses Installation of a 20,000 m2 per frequency vibration trap lamp.
Small weevil, cutworms, mole crickets, wireworms, comprehensive prevention and control measures of leaf-level soil pests. 15d after planting, spraying once every 500 times probiotic liquid; colonization after 2 to 3 months or shower facilities 1 bassiana tobacco (tobacco stems) water; pour the drug each time time to stagger 15d; per 667 square meters put a small weevil sex pheromone traps prime 15 to 20.
Stem borer control. 1 spray after planting 20d azadirachtin or rotenone prevention sweet potato stem borer, every 10d 1 spray, continuous spray 2 or 3 times.
9 sweet potato recipes
Sweet Potato Cake
Take sweet potato powder 1000 grams, 300 grams of flour, 300 grams of sugar, soda eight grams and the amount of warm water, mix, fermentation was complete with fire steamed into the steamer. When dry to warm from the fire extent, on its surface coated appropriate sesame oil, sprinkle with green their names, sesame seeds, cut consumption. If the right amount of ingredients to add some food coloring, dates, etc., it becomes color sponge cake, sponge cake or dates, the color nice, soft and delicious.
Sweet potato pancake
Wash the sweet potatoes steamed, peeled and mashed, add an equal amount of flour and the right amount of warm water, onion, pepper noodles, salt and other mix, a palm-sized round cake into pan seared and cooked oil Serve. The cake is golden in color, Congxiang tangy, sweet taste.
Sweet potato biscuits
Fermented with sweet potato dough, sprinkle a little oil, made pie, caramel brush on the surface of water, inside coated with sesame grilled rear oven or pan can be.
Ding sweet potato soup
The right amount of sweet potatoes washed, rough skin into Ding blocks Drizzle vegetable oil pan heat a little fried, pour into small pieces after stir, add sweet potatoes and boil. Remove from heat before adding salt, monosodium glutamate, a small amount of lard, sprinkle with chopped green onion, topped with sesame oil.
French fries
Wash the sweet potatoes, peeled and soaked into the water for 1-2 minutes, then cut into small fries, hot re-entry within one minute in boiling water, drain fried in the pan for about 1 minute, until the dip fries fried thoroughly enough , picked up the drain, immediately sent to the freezer after cooling to room temperature, the freezing will get quick-frozen French fries, crisp and refreshing, fragrant embroidery leap.
Sweet potato egg rice
Rice, sweet potato 250 g, 4 eggs, plain salt, vegetable oil and the amount. Put the rice into the pot, add the right amount of water after the switch to gentle boiling stew cooked, then the eggs into the pan, add a little salt, stir into the hot oil poured into the block, after a good sweet potato stew rice and mix well, you can eat
Roasted sweet potatoes
The sweet potato, placed around the fire, and bake slightly brown color, grilled broke, nostrils roasted sweet taste, it tastes fragrant and sweet.
Materials: sweet potato
1. Wash the sweet potatoes
2, into the oven to 220 degrees 35 minutes (depends on the size of the sweet potato) can be.
Sweet white fungus soup
Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients,louis vuitton purses replica containing sugar, protein, fat, crude fiber, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. Because carotene rich sweet potato, but also for the treatment of night blindness, sweet potatoes contain dietary fiber, which is why there is catharsis, reduce the role of lipids. Is a low-calorie, low-fat foods in the crowd. Sweet white fungus soup, inhibit fat, beauty detox, nourish the body, is the most healthy beauty detox foods.
Ingredients: 120 g sweet potato, white fungus 15 grams, medlar amount, 60 grams of crystal sugar
1, ready to fungus, sweet potatoes, sugar.
2, white fungus bubble in advance, washed, torn into small pieces aside.
3 sweet potatoes, peeled, washed and cut into small pieces aside.
4, the fungus into the sand pot, add the right amount of cold water, the fire to boil, simmer for 20 minutes over low heat.
5, add sweet potatoes, simmer 15 minutes to continue.
6, add sugar, and simmer 10 minutes.
7, stewed good white fungus soup bowl and warm food.
Sweet potato sausage stew with rice
Sweet potato is alkaline food, and a lot of fruits, green vegetables, this is the most rare. The general food are acidic, such as grain, poultry meat, etc., but the body's PH value is 7.34, so eat sweet potato in favor of acid-base balance of the body. While eating sweet potatoes can lower blood cholesterol and prevent sub-health and cardiovascular disease and other "modern diseases." Sweet potatoes contain dietary fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin A, B, C, E and K, iron, copper, selenium, calcium and more than 10 kinds of trace elements, high nutritional value, are nutritionists have called the most balanced nutrition health food.
Inadequate sweet potato, is the lack of proteins and lipids, with the amount of meat with cooking to supplement nutrients. Sweet potato sausage stew with rice, soft and sweet, balanced nutrition. When a person, so a simple one-pot, is also a good meal.
Ingredients: 120 g potato, sausage amount, amount of salt, 80 grams of rice, sesame oil the right amount
A ready rice, sweet potatoes, sausage.
2 sweet potatoes, sausage, washed and cut into small pieces aside.
3. Wash the rice, pour the rice cooker, add sweet potatoes.
4, into the sausage, add salt and mix well.
5, adding an appropriate amount of cold water.
6, raised simmer cooking gear. After the jump gates open and continue to simmer for 10 minutes before opening.
7. Drizzle sesame oil, mix well after eating.
Millet porridge sweet potato
Materials: sweet potato 100 grams, 30 grams of millet, salt to taste, a little sugar
Production order:
1, will be washed into the pot millet, drift to the broken, louis vuitton purses bagsnot full particles.
2, the sweet potatoes and cut off the skin, cut into square block poured into a pot of millet.
3, adding a small amount of salt, not many, too much salt will destroy the nutrients in sweet potatoes.
4, cover, first to the fire to boil, and then replaced by a small fire slow boil, coming fully softened sweet potatoes can be.
5, add sugar, may want to add or add less according to personal taste.
Food value: sweet millet gruel with qi, laxative, relax the effect, for some beer belly, loss of appetite postpartum, postoperative, dry stools of patients with a very significant effect, especially gastrointestinal disorders who is a good diet to share .
Sweet potato powder round
Ingredients: sweet potato (to taste)
Spices: sweet potato starch (to taste), sugar (to taste)
Kitchen: skillet
1 sweet potato, peeled and sliced steamed
2, placed in a large bowl of mud crushed potato
3, by hot potato starch and a small amount of added sugar (not too much volume, mashed potatoes can be balled)
4, hand squeezed and rubbed, rubbing the longer eat up the Q
5, and finally become a smooth dough mashed potatoes
6, a part of potato mud pie rubbing strips
7, cut into small pieces
8, roll on some of the starch release, into the storage bag or crisper slowly enjoy quick-frozen preservation
9, the same time to eat and cook until dumplings float like a fish out under
10, coupled with the end of their favorite soup can, hot and cold Safe, I use today is black rice barley paste at the end.
11 delicious potato round bowl is not enough to eat!
10 food taboos
Experts point out that sweet potatoes should eat for lunch is the best. This is because we eat sweet potato, calcium material contained therein in the human body needs after 4-5 hours absorption, while the afternoon sunlight just to promote calcium absorption. But it is best to eat sweet potatoes before lunch, so the material can be completely absorbed calcium before lunch, and dinner does not affect the absorption of calcium in other foods.
We in the processing of sweet potatoes, must steamed cooked starch which can damage cell membranes, because it is difficult to digest the material. There are enzymes, such as sweet potato in the air without heat damage, we will have discomfort after taking. [4]
1,authentic louis vuitton purses should not eat sweet potatoes with black spots, there are spots of sweet potato virus can not easily be hot spots destruction and killing, easily lead poisoning, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and a series of symptoms of poisoning, and even lead to death.
2, while the main component and persimmons should eat sweet potato starch, will produce large amounts of acid after eating, if both edible and persimmon, acid with persimmon tannin, pectin from condensation, the formation of stones in the stomach. Under many circumstances, if food intake should be separated by at least more than five hours. If you feel upset stomach, must go to the hospital for endoscopy, to see if there is bleeding or ulcers.
Sweet potatoes can prevent influenza
US media recently published an article that sweet potato helps against influenza, prevention and treatment of influenza. Sweet potatoes are the best food sources of β-carotene, helps the body produce enough white blood cells to fight infections caused by influenza viruses. Eat a variety of sweet potato, can be steamed, grilled, or labeled as sweet potato puree.
Sweet potato soup can lose weight
Grains rich in dietary fiber, into the intestine, can clean up the waste within the intestine, toxins and waste together, let smoothly excreted. Sweet potato is also rich in dietary fiber, and vitamin content and more particularly, to produce new cells in the intestines, promote metabolism.
Sweet potato soup diet approach is very simple:
1 sweet potato, go Piqie Si, 1/4 onion, cut into small pieces, kelp amount, shred, shred mushroom. Boil a pot of water, the sweet potato silk, onion, mushroom silk, kelp into the soup to boil, then simmer for 10 minutes, add salt, chicken, sesame oil seasoning and serve. This soup can make blood flow, the energy delivered to the bloodstream; and seaweed soup will not only be able to bring out the flavor, but also add minerals to the body.
Be sure to eat cooked sweet potato
Be sure to eat steamed cooked sweet potato, sweet potato starch granules because without heat damage, difficult to digest. Sweet potatoes contain an oxidase, an enzyme easily produce large amounts of carbon dioxide gas in the human gastrointestinal tract, louis vuitton speedy 35such as sweet potatoes overeat, people will bloating, hiccups, fart.
Eat sweet potato "heartburn" with little pickles
High sugar content of sweet potato, eat more to stimulate gastric acid secretion, people feel "heartburn." So it is best to eat sweet potatoes with a little pickle, can effectively inhibit gastric acid.
Indigestion careful to eat sweet potato
Sweet sugar and more, the body temporarily absorb the finish, the remaining part is easy to stay in the intestine fermentation, so abdominal discomfort. Chinese medicine believes that dampness and stomach, qi stagnation food product should Shensi sweet potatoes.
Sweet potatoes and persimmon not with food
Sweet potatoes and persimmons should not be consumed in a short while, at least more than five hours apart. If both edible, sweet potato sugar fermentation in the stomach, gastric acid secretion, and persimmon tannin, pectin precipitation condensation reaction, resulting in lumps, can cause gastrointestinal bleeding or ulcer amount more serious.
11 diet recipe
Fried sweet potato

Ingredients: 250 grams of sweet potato.
Method and Usage: oil, salt and fry, once finished, twice a day.
Efficacy: constipation.
Brown sugar sweet potato leaves

Raw materials: raw sweet potato leaves.
Method and Usage: sweet potato leaves smashed, tune brown sugar, abdominal umbilical paste.
Effect: You can cure urine barrier.
Cook sweet potato vine

Ingredients: dried sweet potato vine amount.
Method and Usage: decoction.
Effect: You can cure diabetes.
12 documented
"Gold potato teaching record" Description: Ming Wanli twenty-one late May, Fujian Changle County Overseas Zhen-Long Chen risked their lives to bring sweet potato Fuzhou, since spread north and south.
Ming Li, "Compendium of Materia Medica" in mind "sweet tonic, spleen appetizer, strong yin" and said the sea of people eat longevity. Chinese medicine, as the sweet potato as medicine.
Qing Zhao Xuemin medicine first appeared in the "Compendium of Materia Medica", its sweet natured, non-toxic, spleen, kidney two classics. Energy cooling blood, Qi Sheng Jin thirst bleeding, constipation wide stomach through maternal most appropriate.
"Compendium of Materia Medica" contained sweet potato "fill in, and blood, stomach, fat five internal organs were white white meat, add ginger Yifei Sheng Jin Jiang date with a tune in power and when cooking;.. With safflower cooking, you can manage spleen and blood, so that is not compromised. "
"With the interest rate spectrum of home eating" called "stomach tonic, Qi Li, Yu cold, the benefits of color. Where vessels are crossing note, whether raw or cooked, a little food that is safe."louis vuitton speedy 25 Sweet potatoes and vinegar cooking, eliminate systemic edema. If cooked food, drink a little wine, brown sugar, ginger tea and then drink, cure maternal abdominal pain.
"Gold potato teaching record": sweet potato dysentery under hyperlipidemia, wine accumulated heat diarrhea, heat jaundice, gonorrhea pour poison, menstrual disorders, anemia emission, infantile malnutrition. Sweet potato leaves, vines can also be used as medicine. Potato leaf decoction served two melon, potato leaves, fresh cucumber served a cook, can cure diabetes. Potato leaves, Gallus gallus domesticus decoction treat children indigestion. Vine and trotters cooking Queru rule. There cure vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, diarrhea, night blindness and so on. [9]
13 found that the course
JB Edmond and so that potato originated in Mexico and tropical from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru along the Americas. A.von Humboldt quoted Ge Mala records: the Queen of Spain, Columbus early Ye, who will be brought back to the New World potato dedicated to the Queen.
Early 16th century, Spain has been widely planted sweet potatoes. Spanish sailors carry the sweet potato to Manila in the Philippines and the Moluccas islands, and then spread throughout Asia. Sweet potato was introduced to China through a number of channels, for about 16 century the Ming Dynasty "Min book", "agricultural policy book," Qing Dynasty "Minzheng book", "Fuzhou Prefecture", etc. are relevant records. Sweet potato
The reason that their sweet potato, probably because it is "exotic" with the rules. Qing Shi-yuan "golden potato teaching record," cited "COLLECTION Minhou Koshi": "sweet potato grow by overseas Fujianese Zhen-Long Chen Ming Dynasty Luzon trade their land, have vines planted seedlings and the value of the law into the Chinese central Fujian drought. . Long-hungry white child and ability to learn Zeng Jin governor when test species, have much to gain, rechargeable Valley really stony soil naturally eat half the land planted broadcast over the line, "said:.". in twenty years before the country from fan . sweet potato to the public beginning kinds of gold, so again, he said gold potato. "and according to: World 孙陈世 yuan Chen Zhenlong 6 and its sub-Yun, has to pass on sweet potato planted in Yinzhou (Ningbo), Jiaozhou, Qingzhou (Shandong Province, Qingdao, benefits all along), Yuzhou (Henan zhuxianzhen area) around, gradually spread throughout Zhejiang, when the Qing Dynasty after twenty years ago. Above facts prove sweet potato lines from Southeast Asia in the 16th century the introduction of China, Fujian, Guangdong, and then spread to the Yangtze River, Yellow River and Taiwan Province and other places. Today China's potato acreage and production account for first in the world.

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