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Reproductive and two nutritious seed propagation method. Vegetative propagation comprises a rod inserted, tiller, grafting, layering and tissue culture. Cutting propagation usually based,louis vuitton collection which was divided into bud plug, plug twigs, buds interpolation.
Bud plug
In the fall and winter buds cut foot plant outside pole plug. Bud selection criteria are far away from the plant, plump bud. Postemergence selected, stripped the lower leaves, according to the spacing of 3-4 cm, 4-5 cm spacing, inserted in the conservatory or greenhouse pots or slotting grit inside, keeping 7-8c room temperature, after the arrival of spring planted outdoors. Twig plug: This method is most widely used. More cuttings from April to May. 8-10 cm tender interception technology as cuttings, make good management after interpolation. At 18-210C temperature, most varieties rooting about three weeks, about four weeks to transplant seedlings on the pots.
Available garden soil medium gray accompanied Longkang 1/3. Reed bed, take in high curtain shade shed. Full light of slotting, if automatic spraying equipment, without shade. Buds inserted: scissor blades with a plug of axillary buds from the branches. This method is only used for breeding of rare species. Ramet: general before Qingming, the plants were dug up, according to the natural form roots with roots apart, another plant pot.
In order to grow strong chrysanthemum to make "ten-like Kam," or large Li Ju, Huang available Artemisia annua Artemisia annuaak or A.apiacea as rootstock.christian louis vuitton Artemisia species autumn harvest, winter sown in the greenhouse or nursery hotbed Between March and late April or height shift in the field 3-4 cm pots in a sunny day cleft grafting. Layering: only when the bud mutation breeding section, only this method.
Chrysanthemum seeds germinate slowly at 100 degrees Celsius, the optimum temperature 250C. Dilute broadcast between February-April, in the year under normal circumstances and more flowering.
Tissue culture
Propagation by tissue culture techniques chrysanthemums, less useful materials, seedling volume, detoxification, treat illness and to maintain the advantages of fine varieties characteristics. Medium was MS + 6BA = (6 a benzyladenine) 1 mg / l ten NAA (CAI acid) 0.2 mg / L, pH5.8. Chrysanthemum stem tip (0.3-0.5mm), subparagraph spears or bud (diameter 9-10mm), cut into 0.5 cm, and vaccination. 26 degrees Celsius temperature ± 1 ° C, 8 hours a day with light (1000-1500 lux). After 1-2 months after the induction of the callus. Another from January to February, the differentiation of green buds. Then out of the green bud differentiation transferred to White + NAAI-2 mg / l medium, about a month after birth can induce robust root system. They cultivate a month, can be kind to the outdoors. The original culture medium by half the amount of watering, which is the key to success plantlets
7 cultivation techniques
Should choose fertile sandy soil, after the first big tub Xiaopen by 2-3 times Huanpen, July could be set basin; given the choice of six pots of leaf mold, 3 parts sand and 1 part of cake fertilizer formulated into slag mixing the soil. Irrigated shade after the release until after the plants grew normally move to sunny place.
Spring Kikunae young, watering should be less;louis vuitton purse price list 夏季菊 seedlings grow, hot weather, evaporation, watering should be adequate, pouring, pouring in the evening to fix in the morning and use the spray bottle to spray chrysanthemum foliage and the surrounding ground water to increase humidity; before the beginning of autumn to the appropriate water control, control of fertilizer to prevent plant Cuangao soaring. Before the beginning of autumn after flowering, to increase the amount of water and start fertilization, fertilizer gradually enriched; winter squid basically stopped growing, and significantly reduce plant water consumption, evaporation is also small, must be strictly controlled watering. Watering is best to use spray bottle slowly sprayed, poured water will be unavailable fierce. Watering in addition to the amount and frequency of the decision according to the season, but also according to the weather changes. Rainy days or less without pouring water; when the temperature is high evaporation want more water, and vice versa will have less water. Generally when watering the flowers, to see when the basin dries and then pouring, do not quit pouring, pouring drenched. But do not make pots puddle of water, which will cause rot, leaf brown, causing plant death.
When planting chrysanthemum plants, the pot should enough base fertilizer. After 10 days can be applied once every other nitrogen. Since the beginning of autumn chrysanthemums after bud to bud, can be applied to a number of once a week slightly rich fertilizer; when the bud, Zaishi concentrated fertilizer after that pause fertilization. If at this time to give Daisy superphosphate applied once or 0.1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, the flower can open some more bright.
Topping the sparse bud
When chrysanthemum plants grow to more than 10 cm high, which began topping. Leaving only the base of the plant leaves when topping 4-5, upper leaves all removed. Grow to be 5-6 when new leaves, and then pluck the heart, the plants retain 4-7 main branch after branch grow, bud should be promptly removed. Make topping plant branching occurs, effective control of plant height and plant type. When topping, chrysanthemum plants were to be finalized last pruning, remove excess branches, too strong and too weak branches, sticks to retain 3-5. September squaring, to put off the bottom of the plant buds on each branch,louis vuitton handbags 2013 prices leaving only the top of a bud. [12]
Pest control
Septoria leaf blight known. Mid-April and late departure, damage leaves. Control methods: post-harvest flowers, cuts off the ground all the plants, concentrated fire; the early stages, removal of diseased leaves and spraying 1:1:lbo times Bordeaux mixture alternately with 50% prop Tianjin l000 times.
Wilt early June to early July departure, the incidence of serious after flowering, the whole plant infestation and rot.
Prevention Methods: old roots remain disease-free seed; crop rotation; for Takakuro, open ditch, reduce humidity; removal of diseased plants, and sprinkle lime powder in a hole or disease with 50% carbendazim l000 watering times. [13]
Pest: chrysanthemums are planted throughout the year, providing a mite pests and sufficient nutrients and habitat. Therefore, whether it is cultivated chrysanthemum in net room or outdoor cultivation can not escape or harm pest mite infestation. Important pests on chrysanthemum aphids, thrips, Spodoptera exigua, beet armyworm, Spodoptera tomato leaf mite and two points and so on. Secondary pest cutworms, intended looper, leaf miner, whiteflies, moth, mealybugs, mites and other fine, types can say quite a bit. For domestic chrysanthemum (cut or potted plant), they do not affect the quality of flowers, may allow a small number of pests occur. .
Weeds: Chrysanthemum cultivated mostly in the open field and paddy cultivation and crop rotation, usually water, dry upland rotation field of common weeds, all will happen in chrysanthemum Tanaka. Race condition with chrysanthemum weed cultivation methods, grass phase, density, and environmental factors during the competition was the relationship between weed competition moisture, nutrients, light, and so it can be a direct result of poor growth chrysanthemum, quality decline, is not conducive to the field the management operations.
Weed and Tin Tin four surrounding what happened, it can be a host or a non-competitive harm the habitat where the pest, while indirect losses. Upland plains happened annual weeds occur in the hot season weed species have awn grass, goosegrass, crabgrass, nutsedge, purslane and wild amaranth; mainly in the cold winter season weeds goose intestines children murine song uncle, gray Di lobular, lobular Cardamine, mountain mustard, Hemistepta, Sanae Polygonum. Chrysanthemum growing weeds in addition to direct competition moisture, cheap authentic louis vuitton pursesnutrients, light, etc., nor conducive to daisy field management jobs or other pests breed, so in chrysanthemum cultivation process must give appropriate control.
The main value of 8
Shangju, has been a long-term spread of Chinese folk custom, far from the ancient imperial palace in Kyoto, courtiers door first and plebeian, near to the people of today's Chinese cities, are held annually in the fall chrysanthemum, and daisy Juzhan and other forms of Shangju activities. Beijing Botanical Garden Shangju events are held each fall. Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, the county will be initiated in the daisy Song Dynasty, has been 700 years of history, is a continuation of China's oldest and largest of the Chrysanthemum, when the largest number of up to one million. [14]
Chrysanthemum vigorous growth, germination and strong, a daisy after repeated topping can give birth to thousands of points buds, branches of some varieties and more flexible, easy to produce a variety of shapes, composition daisy tower, bridge Ju Ju Lei, chrysanthemum Pavilion, ju doors, and other forms of chrysanthemum ball fine shape. But also to cultivate larger Li Ju, Ju cliff, ten samples Jin, bonsai and other forms varied, spectacular, for the annual Juzhan added numerous ornamental art. [14]
Chrysanthemum can cure medicine, Jiufu or drink chrysanthemum tea can make people live longer. Song Dynasty poet Su Che: "Nanyang parthenolide have outstanding service, many people living on the Lake man." Daisy can make fine cuisine. "Chrysanthemum meat" is the result of a long journey made into a chrysanthemum dish, which consists of a block with sucrose syrup boil cooked pork processed into soft white, exquisitely carved, like white. Jisi stick on top of each daisy, sweet sugar, saturated fat drink and watch their golden color, mouth to eat meat in the well-established, there is prime meat, sweet and not greasy, in fact dishes. There chrysanthemum fish balls, fried chrysanthemum leaves, chrysanthemum fish porridge, soup chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum wine, and chrysanthemum tea, etc., which is not only the color, aroma and taste daisy meal, and nutritious. Beijing famous "daisy-pot" (ie fire Guo Lifang some chrysanthemum lamb soup), light and delicious, it is a distinctive flavor. [14]
Consumption patterns, for example: [chrysanthemum porridge], chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum wine , cake chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum soup , [] chrysanthemum drink
Health care
[Chrysanthemum cream], [chrysanthemum pillow]
[Daisy] delicacies: the Chrysanthemum and pork, fried snake meat or fish, chicken cooking "Chrysanthemum meat," the well-established meat, complement but not greasy, pure heart and refreshing, can be used for dizziness, hot wind disturbance on disease treatment.
[Knee] Chrysanthemum: chrysanthemum, Chen leaves pounded the thick end, into gauze bags,louis vuitton pattern made of knee, can Qufengchushi, swelling and pain, such as arthritis treatment Crane knee style.
[Chrysanthemum gas]: There Shufeng, Pinggan power, olfactory, colds, headache role of adjuvant therapy.
9 Plant Culture
Floral emblem
Daisy is China Beijing, Taiyuan, Texas, Wuhu, Zhongshan, Xiangtan, Kaifeng, Nantong, Weifang, Changhua flower.
Daisy weathered experience with vitality, ethical, because mining Ju Dong Tao Yuanming, chrysanthemum thus had "flowers hermit" titles. In Japan, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of the royal family. Chrysanthemum color variety, the implications are not the same.
Yellow daisy: a touch of love
White chrysanthemums: pull in China sorrow meaning, generally used the occasion to mourn the dead; in Japan, it is chaste, honest symbol.
Dark red chrysanthemums: flirtatious
Chrysanthemums symbolize a long long: Chrysanthemum open in the fall, it is a symbol of autumn, people even said that in September, "Ju-month" because chrysanthemum and "It" is a homonym, "Nine" also with "long" is a homonym, so Daisy is also used a symbol of longevity or long; and to this day lunar mining Ninth Chung Yeung Festival chrysanthemum more meaningful, more refined with their chrysanthemum tea, but it was this day picking daisy bubble vintage wine, or chrysanthemum bath, are taking "Ju Shou water "means.
If painted daisy and nine quail on a screen, because "quail" is pronounced "safe" the same, there are "nine native security" means.
The Chrysanthemum and the pine together, called "Song Ju forever," said the person wishes to accept this painting longevity.
Some people put a 蝈蝈儿 painted on the chrysanthemum, because of "Guo" and "official" is a homonym, it means that other people wish for a long time (nine) occupy an official position, its painting titled "Guanju a product."
December 10, 1960, the Chinese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issued a set of "Chrysanthemum" special stamps, stamp Chi number "44 Special", a full eighteen pieces, until 1961 at a time. The stamps were designed by Jen Liu Shuo, stamps by Hong Yi (1907-1967), Qu Zhen (1909-1976), Qing Hu burnish Jiang Shen Sheng (1892-1972), handbags louis vuitton outletsuch as five Xucong You meticulous artist uses painting techniques drawn from ten eight famous traditional Chinese chrysanthemum.
Stamps depict realistic picture using chrysanthemum varieties were eighteen yellow, green peony, two Joe, big smug, smug golden hook, Golden Peony, handsome flag, Liu line, hibiscus Anemone, jade plate bracket beads, pure gold lion, Wen Yu , Purple Beads, Anemone ice tray, ink charge, the squad Yu-Sun, smile, swan dance, etc., are rare species of chrysanthemum.
Screen with color meticulous Chinese painting techniques, delicate daisy depict the elegant and tasteful. Single pieces of face value ranging from 4 assigned 52 points, with a total face value of 3.07 yuan stamp.

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