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Pan Gang, male, Han nationality, born in July 1970, Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia, the Communist Party, and doctoral degrees. National Federation of the current vice chairman,buy louis vuitton wallet chairman and president of Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd., party secretary. Communist Party Congress on behalf of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the National Youth Federation, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Congress. [3]
Pan Gang, China's dairy industry is one of the founders of modern development, he first proposed the "technological innovation localization" concept in the Chinese dairy industry, long-term commitment to improve the 1.4 billion Chinese people's drinking habits of dairy products, known as China's "first liquid milk people. "
Under the leadership of Pan Gang, 2014, Yili Dairy Group ranks among the world's top 10, became the only one to enter the world's top 10 dairy companies in Asia, not only created the China milk prices best result ever, also achieved in recent years in Asia the highest ranking milk prices.
People witticism
Eyes only two people: one drink milk A drink milk. Goal is to become the kind of person these two people, so we drank milk.
Global top 10 achievements, make more sense Sien. Best word Arita, so always keep in mind that he is a food business, and related land, millions of farmers, hundreds of thousands of partners and affiliates and several employees; En word there because, let time be attributed know, know all achievements from the consumer's trust,louis vuitton company history support from national and regional granted.
Wearing a very special pair of glasses, the left eye is the telescope, the right eye is a microscope. As a manager, it is necessary to focus on the long term, a clear strategic direction, but also pay attention to detail, good precision management.
Gentleman and different, and not fight the Queen competition.
Erie rules of the game are more willing to enjoy the joy of creation, rather than the rules of the game drilled loopholes. Mowen climb top, the way new eyes and ears.
Erie man to do first, what to do after the Queen; I want a good product, good character first plastic.
The thickness of the superior speed, the industry is better than individual glory and prosperity, social value is greater than the commercial wealth.
Although Erie gone through half a century, but still in adolescence, secret of staying young is continuous innovation.
Innovation allows a company to excellence, and responsibility can really make a company great leads.
Erie in the development process, has been adhering to a "pole principle", one is the profit, one is social responsibility, only two balance, companies can easily walking to take the long-term thought. [4]
2 History
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd., is the only company in China to serve the Olympic Games and World Expo, a large national enterprises. Yili Group's strength has always been a strong leader in China's dairy industry, and in a very robust growth has become the dairy industry representatives continued healthy development.
Yili Group has liquid milk, cold drinks, milk, yogurt and raw milk five Division, a hundred-owned enterprises, there's pure milk, milk drinks, ice cream, ice cream, milk, yogurt, cheese and other products more than 1,000 varieties, production and sales scale, brand value in the nation. 2013, Yili achieve total revenue 47.779 billion yuan, an increase of 13.78%, continuing the industry ranked first; net profit 3.201 billion, representing an increase of 84.4%, continuing the industry ranked first; the first three quarters of 2014, Erie achieved total revenue of 42.07 billion yuan; total profit of 4.148 billion yuan, louis vuitton made in parisnet profit after deduction of non-significant increase 91.27%, continuing the industry ranked first. [5]
As China's dairy industry leader in corporate social responsibility and Erie social welfare aspects of China's dairy industry has been at the forefront. As of the third quarter of 2014, the cumulative tax break through 21 billion yuan in profits and taxes paid to the state each year well done at the same time, the Queen continued to focus on "youth, community, environment", ended 2013 on welfare has invested nearly 800 million yuan.
For a long time, Erie adhering to the "thickness superior speed, industry and prosperity rather than individual glory, the social value of greater than commercial wealth" concept of development, adhere to the "green chain" development strategy, through a focus on their own business, promote harmony and social environment win, led to the popularity of the concept of corporate citizenship in Chinese business community. [6]
November 16, 2005, after the adoption of the world's highest standards Erie inspection officially hand the Olympic Games, becoming the only company to serve the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese dairy companies. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games event, Yili Group with high-quality milk and high-quality service has won warm praise from friends around the world. May 25, 2009, Yili Group to join hands once again successfully Expo, China has become the only one in line with the Expo enterprise standard for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will provide dairy products. Expo 2010, the Queen again perfect interpretation of the "Made in China" to improve the brand strength and consolidate its absolute leadership in the dairy industry.
In 2013, the Queen again renewed the Chinese Olympic Committee, the Chinese Olympic Committee to become partners, to 2014, the Queen has been providing nutritional dairy consecutive years for the Chinese sports delegation.louis vuitton with flowers As of 2013, Erie 32 training base in the country's 640 training venues, as many as 10,000 athletes provide uninterrupted nutrition boost. Erie is in Milan, Italy in 2015 World Expo China Pavilion partners worldwide. [7-8]
Future, the Queen is committed to "a world-class health food group" vision, progressive, adhere to the world's leading standards themselves, the vision of globalization, internationalization mind and dedication to meet the health needs of consumers in different regions, the achievements of consumers healthy living.
3 Events
After President Xi Jinping and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key jointly inaugurated November 21, November 25, Yili Group Oceania Dairy base for a successful launch ceremony held in New Zealand's South Island, 47,000 tons for product line officially put into production. The base is located in New Zealand's South Island 怀马特 City, the overall amount of investment of 30 billion yuan, will be built consisting of the world's largest integrated dairy base. Overall project includes deep processing of high-tech projects raw milk, UHT liquid milk project, milk production and packaging of four sub-projects. [
New leaders inaugurated the production base for Erie Oceania
November 21, 2014, under the witness Xi Jinping and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, and the two countries in the economic field has made a series of pragmatic cooperation. Among them, the Yili Group total investment amounted to 3 billion yuan of dairy items. This amount is not only a record in the history of the history of New Zealand investment scale; at the same time because of its coverage of packaging, many areas of production, processing, scientific research, once completed will become the world's largest integrated dairy base. President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister John Key Erie Oceania jointly inaugurated the production base, and witnessed the signing of several cooperation agreements related to Queen's. [11]
November 12, 2014, under the witness of Yili Group Pan Gang, chairman and Rick Smith and other US's largest milk company CEO DFA sides more than twenty people, Erie and DFA global model factory-cum-largest United States milk factory in China milk are Hohhot formally signed for the development of Sino-US Dairy historical wrote an indelible mark. The Queen and the DFA is jointly funded the construction of a model of milk production plant will be located in Kansas, is expected to produce 80,000 tons. After the plant is completed,louis vuitton large bag the product will not only supply the Chinese market, will also supply other global markets. [12]
August 2014, Yili Group and SGS (SGS Switzerland), LRQA (Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited), Intertek (United Kingdom Intertek Group) entered into a strategic cooperation to upgrade the quality and safety management Erie global security system.
July 9, 2014, Yili Group jumped to 10 at Rabobank released "2014 Global Dairy 20" report.
March 23, 2014 (Netherlands time), the Chinese President Xi Jinping and Dutch King William - Alexander's next witness, the two countries against China and the Netherlands signed a number of important agricultural areas of cooperation. Among them, the Yili Group and the Netherlands top universities of Wageningen University, reached a strategic agreement to build a food safety system. [15]
China Erie and the Netherlands Security System Food signing ceremony
February 25, 2014, Erie European R & D center signing and unveiling ceremony was held in the city of Wageningen. The center will be China's dairy industry by far the highest standard of overseas R & D center, jointly by the Yili Group Europe's top universities in the field of life sciences Wageningen University, together with the European "Food Valley" more than 15,000 R & D personnel together to create a backed by the Netherlands, for the European R & D entities.
January 28, 2014, 28 am Xi Jinping arrived Yili Group liquid milk production base. In the laboratory, product testing Xi understand the business case, I heard from raw milk into the factory to factory hundreds of targets to be detected, which he affirmed. He also inspected the company's production line, walking to ask the person in charge of production and operation of enterprises, holiday supply, exhorted them to attach great importance to food safety issues. [16]
December 3, 2014 Erie selected BrandZ ™ Top 100 most valuable Chinese brand, increase brand value among the list first.
November 13, Yili Group entered into a strategic partnership with the Italian company Sijia Da (SterilgardaAlimenti SpA). [17]
October 30, Yili Group was invited to participate in 2013 in Yokohama, Japan attached IDF World Dairy Summit, executive president Zhang Jianqiu made a presentation entitled "Global
Xi Jinping arrived Yili Group liquid milk production base
Speak the trend in China's dairy industry, "the General Assembly.
September 9, Xiang-Hui Shan dairy Yili Group invested 50 million US dollars (about 310 million yuan), to strengthen the strategic partnership between the two sides.
September 3, Yili Group won the "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Ten national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises operate." [18]
September 2, Yili Group and the Chinese Nutrition Society set up a "Chinese Nutrition Society Research Fund - Erie Nutrition and Health Research Fund."
August 18, Erie stationed Twelfth National Games National Games Village, the Games provide nearly 15 million boxes of dairy nutrition.
August 16, Yili Group jumped to 12 at Rabobank released "2013 Global Dairy Top 20" report.classic louis vuitton
July 30, Erie Golden organic milk traceability system formally launched, becoming the country's first truly full traceability of dairy products brand.
July 25, 2013 to participate in Yili Group China (Beijing) International Industry Fair in women and children and received a special award show, Erie variety of the most popular products were given awards, outstanding product quality and stability of the Year Award and the 2012 Award.
July 22, Inner Mongolia Yili Group in Dairy Technology Research Institute inaugurated. The institute is Asia's largest dairy Institute of Technology.
July 10, Yili Dairy Ltd. Henan Jiyuan 390,000 tons of liquid milk project completed and commissioned.
July 2, Yili Group and the nation's largest milk company DFA (Dairy Farmers of America) signed a memorandum of cooperation, formally entered into a strategic partnership.
June 30, Yili Group third reelection by the United Nations Industrial Cooperation Organization and UNESCO jointly issued by the International Carbon Gold. [19]
May 23, Erie Golden organic milk to get the Seventh China International Organic Food Fair Special Contribution Award.
May 16, Yili Group Seven won the China Food Health Award "most trusted consumer brands."
May 7, Yili Group 9 products obtained Innovation Award at the SIAL CHINA 2013 China International Food and Beverage Exhibition.
April 11, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key met in Beijing Yili Group Pan Gang, chairman. Annual output of 47,000 tons of milk powder production line Yili Group to invest in New Zealand had been approved by China Development and Reform Commission and the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office.
April 2, Erie Luan County company two projects started in Luan County Economic Development Zone, the project is put into an annual output of 450,000 tons of high-end dairy products.
March 26, Yili QQ Star in inventory shake the Nets won the "Most Chinese Mom Welcome Award" on the Chinese brand baby mama favorite annual festival.
March 15, Erie factory located in Nanning, Guangxi - ASEAN Economic Development Zone into production.
March 15, Erie nationwide organization "Open House" event, inviting consumers into the plant visit.
March 3 -12 days, the CPPCC National Committee, Yili Group Pan Gang, chairman of the CPPCC National twelfth meeting and submitted a "dairy industry system construction" and other three proposals.
February 26, Zhangbei Erie liquid milk two expansion projects completed and commissioned, the project was included in the key projects in Hebei Province.
January 29 2012 Erie was rated benchmark brand diet [20]
January 17, Yili Milk ranked the brand satisfaction in the 2012 National Milk user satisfaction survey organized by the China Quality Association, the National Committee to organize the user, reputation first.
January 6, 2012 Erie was rated temperature businesses. [Twenty one]

December 10, Erie Business School selected Eleventh China International Talent Exchange Conference "TOP100 Enterprise Business School", and get the best practice award.
December 7, 2012 Erie (fourth) China CSR Annual Meeting were rated excellent corporate social responsibility [22].
November 17, Yili Group in the UN Industrial Development Organization, UNESCO awarded the 2012 International Carbon Gold Award.
November 14, Erie, "2012 Olympic Erie with you" marketing works to get the fourth "golden vote reward" Gold integrate creative services, Erie Shu nutrition of milk "Transformers 3", Erie milk tablets "love the taste, no speech ", Erie grain more" up now! Junior "won this competition Silver and Bronze.
August 26, Yili Group won the technical innovation category and class of four outstanding product awards in China Dairy Industry Association Annual Conference and eighteenth twelfth boutique dairy technology at the show.
August 22, Li Changchun, Politburo Standing Committee to Erie research and spoke highly of the company.
August 9, Yili Group officially signed with the high-tech zone, Meizhou, Erie Nissan 270 tons cold high-tech industrial park project stationed in Meizhou.
July 30, The Walt Disney Company senior management team to bring Erie visit, the two sides on strategic cooperation in the future conduct a more in-depth and comprehensive discussion.
July 23, Erie "Ordinary Man Olympics" campaign, car stickers have demonstrated "extraordinary ordinary Chinese people's story," Erie advertising 400 double-decker bus to drive onto the streets of London, is 400 overseas media reported.
July 19 -22, Erie attend the Fourth China (Beijing) International Industry Fair in women and children and to get the show, 5 most popular products were given Erie Product Award, Outstanding Product Award and the New Product Award.
July 17, the State Council, the National Employment Erie was rated as advanced enterprises.
June 28 to 30, "the integration of information technology and industrialization Achievement Exhibition" by the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the National Convention Center in Beijing, Inner Mongolia Yili Group, as the only dairy exhibitors.
June 6, Erie selected China Light Industry Federation named the "2011 top 100 enterprises."
May 9 -11, 2012 SIAL CHINA-- China International Food and Beverage Exhibition held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. A total of nine products Yili Group Product Innovation Award finalists.
April 18, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements Union ("IFOAM"), Nanjing National Organic Product Certification Center and Yili Group jointly launched the "Golden China joint international action to promote organic season." Meanwhile, the official website of the national commission established "identity" for the Golden organic milk, which is the official website of the country's first organic dairy given "identity." [Twenty three]
November 29, 2011 at the China Innovation Marketing Summit, Yili Shu milk "Transformers 3" integrated marketing case to get the 2011 Most Innovative Marketing Case Award.
November 17, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements Union (IFOAM) to Yili Group was awarded the title of joint members. Illinois became the first Chinese dairy industry companies to receive this qualification.
November 16, at the Shenzhen High Tech Fair, Yili Group in 2011 by the National Development and Reform Commission, "National Enterprise Technology Center" and "National Local Joint Engineering Research Center" Award.
November 11, at the seventh annual meeting of China's securities market, Erie won the "2011 Annual Meeting of China's securities market Golden Phoenix Award."
23-10 October 27, Yili Group unveiled "2011 World Ice drink Congress" and officially joined the "International Ice Cream Association." This is the first Asian to join "the International Ice Cream Association," the Chinese beverage companies.
October 18 morning, the Chinese Erie produced the first 1 billion cans of milk glory offline in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, "Yilijinhai formula milk production base." The first day of one billion cans of milk off the assembly line at the same time, the expert, my mother and other 30 guests from all over the country in this world's largest infant formula modern factory visit. According to reports, the Queen whole milk powder production plants are modern pharmaceutical industry GMP standard construction, cleanliness levels up to 100 000.
September 20, Lee Group with "probiotic applications and product development," project "National introduction of foreign intellectual demonstration unit" and "autonomous introduction of foreign intellectual demonstration unit", louis vuitton leather handbagrespectively. Such award winning unit is highly valued talent recruitment outcomes, then, Yili Group will give priority to get national and regional projects and financial support. According to reports, the selection of national awards, the country's Top 20 talent recruitment demonstration units, Yili Group is one of them.
July 8, "2011 China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Meeting" held in Beijing. At the conference, the committee issued the "2011 (Third) China Corporate Social Responsibility List" hundred list, Yili Group list. It is worth mentioning that, Yili Group as the annual meeting of the list were the only dairy companies, and also won the "2011 China Social Responsibility outstanding enterprises".
In the fourth "World Environmental Conference", the Yili Group apart from participating in the selection of more than one hundred world famous enterprises in the June 18, won the gold medal in international carbon - carbon gold citizen award. "International Carbon Gold" as an important part of the World Environmental Conference, the world's green economy is extremely high gold content of an award.
May 19, Yili Group, Chang light yogurt, QQ Star Children grow up milk, nutrition lactose milk lactoferrin type and grain products have more than 4 12th China International Food and Beverage Exhibition "Innovative Product Award." It is understood that this exhibition by the media and the industry as the size and influence of Asia's largest, most international, business best international event.
March 22, by the Asian Food Information Centre, the International Cold Chain Alliance co-hosted the 2011 Asia-Pacific Food and Beverage Green Technology Summit in Shanghai grand opening. Yili Group was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award for the Asia-Pacific Green Economy" title, becoming the sole representative of the dairy industry; at the same time, Pan Gang, chairman of Yili Group also won the "Outstanding Leadership Award Pacific green economy." As a representative of Chinese green industrial economy, with its unique green Erie chain strategy is to create a new order of green development on the territory of China's dairy industry.
January 18, "2010 Green China" Environmental Forum and the awards ceremony held in Beijing, a subject of concern to the industry and the third Global People list released. With Pan Gang, chairman of Yili Group has consistently advocated "green chain" strategy, as well as low-carbon development in dairy prospective exploration prospects, access to the current list of unique personal character of individual award "Pioneer Green Excellence Award."
January 5, 2010 Shanghai World Expo China market development work summary and sponsor awards ceremony was held at the Shanghai World Expo. As the 2010 Shanghai World Expo is the only designated dairy Yili Group with excellent management and services, was awarded by the Shanghai World Expo Bureau issued a Special Contribution Award, Outstanding Manager Award, Outstanding Individual Award and four awards outstanding individuals. Managers, chairman of Pan Gangrong won the Outstanding Award.

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