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One day in 1872, at a hotel in California, Stanford and Cohen had a heated argument: When a horse hoof is running all the way? Stanford believes running horse hooves in leaps moment is vacated; Cohen thinks, there is always a horse hoof the ground when running. The results dispute who can convince anyone,monogrammed louis vuitton so he took the Americans to solve the usual way bet. They hired a horse players do judgment. However, the referee is also difficult to determine who is and who is wrong. This is normal, because the human eye alone is really difficult to see how fast running horseshoe is in motion.
Referee friend - British photographer Jimmy Ritchie know this city, the representation by him try. As he placed the camera in the runway 24, line up, the camera lens is aligned with the runway. On the other side of the runway, he played 24 stakes, they are all on a piece of string on each stake, these strings across the runway, were tied to the opposite on every frame camera shutter.
After everything is ready, Jimmy Ritchie led the city came a handsome horse, it ran from one end to the other end of the runway. When the horse racing through the region, followed by the 24-pole trip off the lead, 24 will turn the camera shutter is pulled and snapped 24 photos. Maibuliqi these photos spliced together in chronological order. Each adjacent two little difference motion pictures, they form a coherent picture with. According to this group of photos referee finally see the horse when running, there is always a hoof the ground, not hooves vacated, thereby determining Cohen won. Arguably, this should be the end of the story, but this peculiar method of betting and determination but aroused great interest. Mai City Ritchie again and again to the people to show the piece recorded with the image of a photo with a gallop. Once, someone unconscious photos quickly affects piece band, the results appeared in front of the scene strange sight: all those still photos of horse movement quartet built a horse, it turned out to be "live" up!
Back in 1829, the famous Belgian physicist 约瑟夫普拉多 found: when an object in front of people
Movie projector
After the disappearance of the image of the object will be in the human retina residence time. This discovery, called "visual persistence principle." According to this principle Prado invented the "sly disk" in 1832. "Sly disk" is drawn on to make cardboard tray zigzag motion picture card due to the activities together and make moving pictures produced by the decomposition of various visual image. "Sly plate" appeared, marking the invention of cinema into a science experiment stage. In 1834, Americans Huo Erna "active vision" successfully tested. In 1853, the Austrian General von Oswald black ladder but on the basis of the invention described above, the use of slides, show the original cartoon
If you ask people the American film industry, they answered in unison: "Yes Edison." But if you ask the French, they would say: "! Is Lumiere" So who is the true inventor movie ones? Answer: two people are,louis vuitton satchel bag the two go hand in hand! According to records: In 1888, Edison began to study the photographs, and when Eastman invented the continuous film, Edison immediately bought a continuous film, please Raleigh Dike Sheng William Kennedy and undertake studies. By the second year in October, Dike Sheng made the findings, he will shoot into the activities of the horse, and this is the first film in the history of photography success. 迪克生 after the success, continued to indulge deeper study, in 1890, he can apply to the activities of the images patent, these activities can shoot pictures per second forty sheets, which is the originator of the modern movie. 1891, Thomas Alva Edison reflected tube and apply image capturing apparatus patent, which is "diorama" movie originator. The idea Thomas Alva Edison invented the "peep show" movie, due diorama by only one person to "peep", by people's curiosity, so they can increase the interest, then this movie in one time is very popular. Soon, Thomas Alva Edison also created the world's first studio, a significant contribution to the development of the film. Initially, in Europe, it was made in the study of these activities photos. 1895, London has two named Aika and RW Paul Bard person, after the initial studio improved performances held before a large crowd. At the same time, in France, there are two named Louis Lumiere brothers Augustus 特卢 Meander, they will be mapped on the photo curtain, which attracted a large number of curious spectators. Screening of the film begins the prologue. Followed by a screening of the Lumiere brothers named "Lumiere factory gate" movie industry awards at the Paris Institute, the same year in December, in the underground hall Paris Street bussing slave "big cafe", the official public release twelve films, and sell tickets. When in September, the World's Fair held in Atlanta, this mapping to show style movie, also sold tickets. So we can see that while early in the film produced and profit had forged a bond. Herald (Lumiere) French chemist, co-inventor of its North easy movie camera and projector for movie pioneer experiments.
Development of
1893, TA Edison invented the movie endoscopy and created the "Black Maria," the photography field, is regarded as the American film history
The film
The film
Start. 1896, Victoria launched too projectors began mass American film screenings;
Late 19th and early 20th century, the urban lower middle class residents of industrial development and the rapid increase in the United States, the film adaptation of the urban poor need to become a mass entertainment. It at first playground in the dance, and then entered a small theater, show after show repertoire;
1905 in Pittsburgh appeared nickelodeons (tickets for 5 cents nickels) soon all the towns throughout the United States, to 1910 per week for up to 36 million passengers moviegoers. This movie is a one-time, the monthly output of 400, the main production base in New York, such as Edison, Biograph Company and Victoria Graf company too. 1903 E. S. Bout's "Life of an American Fireman" and "The Great Train Robbery", so that the film evolved from a novelty to an art stuff. Film editing techniques used, resulting in a crossover clips Bout become dramatic effect on the way a director;
High-yield, highly competitive. In 1897, Edison is the competition for patent litigation, in 1908, set up by Edison patented control film, the company has 16 patents. By 1910, the American Film patent monopoly on film production, distribution and exhibition. Independent producers for the company to get rid of the patent monopoly, have to stay away from the outskirts of Los Angeles, New York and Chicago to the small town of Hollywood film, where natural conditions are unique, but also close to the Mexican border, once the patent litigation firm can escape. D. W. Griffith 1907 加入比沃格拉夫 company the following year the director of the first film, "The Adventures of pottery Korea." Until 1912 the company has produced nearly 400 films, the focus gradually moves to Hollywood to film, and to discover and cultivate the many subsequent actors, such as M. Sennett, M. Wall g Fu Ji Xu and sisters and so on.
After the end of the golden age of American cinema, major companies began to disintegrate or converting from the mid-Indian, Hays Code has been formally abolished. Appears a miniature theater, art theater, car theater. With independent producer and experimental film development.
"Mad flow" stills
From 1896 to the 1920s, although the foreign film market in China occupy a monopoly position, but also the beginning of the movie can not stop the activity. In 1903, German students Lin Zhu three films and projectors to bring home,louis vuitton satchel handbag rent Beijing Qianmen grinding plant Tin Lok tea screenings. In 1905, Beijing Ren Qingtai order to Winterthur studio of famous Peking Opera Tan Xinpei birthday, he filmed a starring opera "Ding Junshan." Chinese Film outset, and Chinese traditional opera and rap art combine to develop a unique film type. But the first attempt to shoot this movie kind of Winterthur studio is only a small business, not really a film body. Business India bookstores until "event film department," the emergence of truly representative of the industry began to Chinese producers. During this period, in addition to the "business", film producer organizations has appeared also includes investments by American "Asian movie company," "magic fairy", "China", "Shanghai", "New Asia", etc., because of their members are mostly from the theater stage, so when the movie theme and content mostly from Chinese opera and drama of civilization. In addition, they also began to shoot short film and a long piece of film art and make the most of this preliminary exploration and try.
"The Spring River Flows East"
China Film was born in 1905, after the various historical stages Chinese feudal, semi-colonial period, the Revolutionary War, the period of construction of new China, the Cultural Revolution, the period of reform and opening up and building a moderately prosperous society in the new period, etc; gone from silent to sound again stereo, from black and white to color and then to the stereo (3D), the modern process of technological change from analog to digital, from traditional to. At different stages of development, China has left a good movie masterpiece: 1920s pioneering era, the "orphan rescue ancestral" and other concerns of social transformation progress film; anti-Japanese period, the "mad flow," "sons and daughters" and other inspire morale, promote patriotism in the movie; after the war, "the Cloud and the moon", "the Spring River Flows East" and also reveals the profound nature of social conflicts and form creation trend realism.
She said that 17 years after the founding of New China in 1949 between, the emergence of a "White"
"White-Haired Girl" Movie Poster
"Blessing," "Linjiapuzai" a large number of realism and romanticism combine outstanding works, created a large number of screen image with strong ethnic style, forming the climax of the first new Chinese film industry; decade of the Cultural Revolution catastrophe, the Chinese film out of the doldrums, shoot, "flowers", "middle-aged" a large number reflects the practice of reform, and commented on the best films of social ills. Especially in the late eighties and early nineties, "founding ceremony," "Armageddon" and other major theme of revolutionary history films and "Jiao", "Country Teachers" and other reality Films, forming a second climax.
In the 1990s, according to the truth, Chinese cinema has implemented a major reform measures confluence television, film quality, rural film projects, film shareholding, the Group of reform, artistic quality
And form a new breakthrough and has improved. In addition to the 'Kong', "" leave Lei Feng Day "," Helene "," Postmen in the Mountains "and other works, there was a new style" rain or shine "and other Surreal, comedy, and the emergence of a large number of FN. In the new century, the Chinese film to form a new pattern of state-owned, collective, private coordinated development of various forms of ownership, louis vuitton most popular bagFilm Development embarked on a virtuous cycle. "Deng Xiaoping", "Hoh Xil", "Taiwan's past" and other masterpiece achieved social and economic benefits of double harvest, "Hero", "myth", "shock" and other domestic blockbusters together dominate the Chinese market, and in the world created a miracle of Chinese cinema box office movies. China has more than 30 award-winning films in over 40 international film festivals.
2012 produced a total of 893 various types of movies, the national film grossed over 17 billion, and buy tickets for domestic movie box office has contributed nearly $ 2.7 billion for the majority of fans of 5.012 billion yuan of living expenses saved. [3]
For theater buy hot market, industry analysts believe, movie tickets and restaurant wedding compared to its higher degree of standardization, the cinema is also stronger than the average restaurant's reception capacity. Secondly, for the average consumer, movie ticket fares still high demand movies by certain degree of inhibition, and buy just released the emergence of demand in this part of the film has won wide public alike. 2014 Chinese film market has reached unprecedented heights. Where paternity movie "Where is the father" in the form of reality show hit a two hundred million at the box office, the summer is hot files such as "The Breakup Guru" "Little Age 3" "Transformers 4" "will no period" and other films. The "small age 3" at the box office over five hundred million, China's film market has reached a new height.
"2013-2017 China Film Industry Market Outlook and Investment Strategy Planning Analysis Report" [4] data show that in 2012 China produced 745 feature films (including movies produced digital film 92), the total production of all kinds of movies up 893; National Film grossed reached 17.073 billion yuan, the Chinese film market has entered a rapid development period.
February 2013, China's cinema screenings reach more than 200 million games, ring than in January were flat; viewing trips amounted to more than 5700 million, an increase of nearly 10 million passengers, an increase of 19%; total output of more than 2.1 billion yuan at the box office, a large increased nearly 500 million yuan, an increase of up to nearly 30%.

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