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On "Black Friday" comes from a variety of claims,louis vuitton factory outlet one of which refers to a dense mass of people shopping at the Friday after Thanksgiving, go to the mall queues. [2] The more common view is that a thought, because this day is Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November) after opening, after that grand American tradition of Christmas, people usually starts Christmas big purchase, many stores will have large customers door thus revenue. And traditionally use different colors of ink to accounting, red indicates a loss that deficit, black, said profit. So this Friday called Black Friday, the day expecting to represent a profit. Because discounts stores generally begin at the end of the Thanksgiving midnight (ie, zero Friday), beginning the day after Thanksgiving, people who want to buy cheap goods must Mo Zhuohei rushed to the mall queuing up to buy cheap goods, which can be regarded as "Black Friday," the one origin. This behavior has a very image of the argument, called the Early Bird (early bird).
November and December each year is the American tradition of the shopping season, "Black Friday" is the year the Americans craziest shopping day. authentic louis vuitton handbagThe store's staff to use the name Black Friday this self-deprecating, said this day would overwhelmed.
Some protest consumerism groups also deliberately chose this day for Buy Nothing Day.
2 Promotions situation
Black Friday this day, most shops will be in the morning five or six o'clock on the door, and some even earlier. Businesses will be published in advance to take a few days ago on Thanksgiving Day newspaper advertising, couponing, slashed prices for commodities and other measures to attract customers. Many consumers viewed this day to prepare for Christmas or a bargain golden moment, due to the limited number of bargains, many popular stores (such as Wal-Mart) will be lined up in front of the previous night. The store opened in the moment because of overcrowding occasionally compete and lead the stampede.
Because of the business to be announced until the last minute bargains own list and see this as a trade secret, but the network is often a few weeks ago appeared to get price information from various sources, which led to a number of legal disputes .
3 sales
Black Friday is the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping on the US season. It is predicted that in 2013 Black Friday sales will reach $ 13.6 billion, representing a slight increase of 3.9%, lower than the 5.9 percent growth last year, while the growth rate is also much lower than the network predicted Monday.
It was also predicted that this year the US Christmas online shopping season will reach $ 62 billion, an increase of 15%, which acts as a mobile phone and tablet end of the main shopping, will be the biggest bright spot. Christmas shopping season is expected to move the scale, louis vuitton brown bagthe more than 10 billion US dollars
November 25 in the UK e-commerce giant Amazon, the eastern city of Peterborough (Peterborough) are huge warehouse for the year's busiest shopping season preparations. In this week, "Black Friday" is approaching, the Amazon UK site is expected to be received over four million copies of orders, involving more than 3000 kinds of types of goods.
Now remaining 29 days away from Christmas, Amazon 8 large warehouse in the UK are working overtime to prepare for "Black Friday." Amazon is expected this year is expected to receive orders for the Amazon UK site over four million copies, which is equivalent to accept 47 orders per second. [5]
4 Social Assessment
Although the "Black Friday" shopping in full swing, but it seems that it reflects this fiery another sense of depression. Some critics said, "Black Friday," the fiery precisely because many people are afraid to spend money on things that usually are waiting to open after Thanksgiving commodity price discount "shopping season" and then shot. [6]
Some businesses (such as Toys Rus and Best Buy) in order to avoid the negative sense of black and Lenovo, usually adopt "green Friday" is called, refers to the green where the color of the dollar bill.
5 US cooperation
Originally a US shopping carnival, "Black Friday" a far cry from the domestic consumers. However, recently, four major US department stores have announced support Alipay overseas direct mail, allowing four department stores have become a second "Taobao."
6 customer berserk
According to the British "Daily Mail"
British welcome & quot; Black Friday & quot; customer berserk Goods
English welcome "Black Friday" customer berserk Goods
Reports, November 28, 2014, ushered in the UK the annual "Black Friday", the end of the holiday shopping season has officially kicked off, a lot of customers on the same day at the British stormed supermarkets and shopping centers.used authentic louis vuitton bags Around the store surveillance video showed almost crazy customers in the process of buying the goods you scramble, was chaos, and even beaten and stampede. Scotland Yard said police at least four shopping centers near London police force deployed to maintain law and order. 

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