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Episode 16 Min Joon Chung Yi Jing-hui started dating wake Beijing fears upload
Yi Min Joon Chung pushed hard, cheap book bags onlinein the end he liked to ask yourself, Min Jun silent, Chung said the Iraqi general this scenario, someone will say like, Min Jun, not even lie. Iraq still complain Min Joon Chung, a blink of an eye but found Min Joon already uncomfortable fell to the ground. Song Yi Min Joon to help struggling Enter Lane saw pale Jun Min, Song Yi very distressed. Ode to Iraq and almost crash speeding along the way, but finally Min Joon back home. Min Joon Chung will help Iraq to the bed, she asked why Min Joon fainted after kissing, in the end the two of them can be exposed to what extent, is none of the above can not kiss, Min Joon Chung Yi Yibalaguo lying on his side, and tight holding tight, Chung Yi was very sweet, pretend impatiently said something I know it purses for sale Ode to Iraq has been sensitive ears annoying chatters in Jun, Min Joon asked just that, without her consent is to give her a kiss, or to Bob hostess, Min Jun finally answered a thousand Iraqi song, then hugged the Song Yi, Song Yi in sleep in and laughed.
Yun night only to find her sister did not return to her play to call, Chung Yi said his overnight filming soon be home, but it just hit Yun Chung Min Joon from home out of Iraq. Chung Yun was very worried about Iraq being an advantage, but said he and Chung Yi Min Joon nothing had happened. Upload Beijing Hui men reported that Beijing is likely to see him at the scene, he was worried that Beijing Hui doubts. Upload Beijing to go to the hospital and found Hui Jing was awake, but did not remember the incident, Beijing Hui things that day, the doctor said he had a slight concussion, this is normal. Beijing prosecutors summoned for questioning load carrying Jing said he and Han Yu-ra is not a relationship, at least in his view was not that he felt everything Han Yu-ra wishful thinking. Liu pointed out that the prosecutor, Han Yu-ra contained seen Beijing's ex-wife died, said he knew nothing contained in Beijing, he thought his ex-wife has been in the UK. Liu Yu-pull prosecutor's boss finds a simple case of suicide, asking him to stop the investigation. Beijing contained his father was very dissatisfied with the police investigation by carrying Jing said he did something wrong, he is innocent.
Min Joon Yun came home asking him why his sister to stay overnight, can allow suddenly saw Min Joon home telescope, the original permit is an astronomy enthusiast, Min Jun and he shared a lot of information related to astronomy, worship sense Jun Min Yun fishes spontaneously. Min Joon Yun fishes attitude changed a lot, and even turn a lot to be inclusive Jun Min his sister,black louis vuitton purse along with her well. Chung Yi Jing-hui came to the hospital to see her hurt very sorry for himself Hui Jing, Song Yi and Hui said he can no longer be friends in Beijing, her favorite person is sensitive Jun, if you have been to stay in Beijing Hui side, only to he brings more trouble. Hui Jing please Chung Iraq do not leave yourself, Chung Yi previously promised him that he had once again to praise Iran vow chance his desire is to praise Iran not to continue her now say, and he wanted to remain in the Chung Yi side, Chung Yi eventually agreed.
Upload Jing Jing Hui asked how recovered memories, Hui Jing said still no progress, as long as I thought would be dizziness, load safely leave Beijing. Chung Yi called softly on the balcony Jun Min, in fact, she wanted to experiment a bit Min Jun is not really so good hearing, the results of Min Joon really came out, but Min Joon Chung know Iraq is to make fun of himself, and immediately returned to the room , Chung Yi could not help but whispered behind petty Jun Min, Min Joon Chung actually appeared in Iraq behind, he pinch Chung Yi's face, the two play together happily.
Min Joon found bugged British grazing on the package, he and the British decided to count on the meter, animal husbandry. Song Yi Min Joon looks realized would have been the same, but they did in a day of aging, she began experimenting with various ways to keep your skin. Ode to resume filming in Iraq, met in the studio world the United States, the United States and the world is still very hokey. Iranian director intentionally whole song, called her several times a remake, Min Jun, could not stand aside, using the lessons of his super powers. Chung Yi and sensitive way to come together at night Jun, Song Yi says a lot about the future vision of the two, Min Joon Chung Yi suddenly told myself going back a month later, Song Yi Min Jun and are uncomfortable to tears .
Episode 17 Song Yi Jing Junhui compromise sensitive hand found the secret contained Beijing
Min Jun recalls his past in view of the experience as the prison when the poor,lv speedy bag when he said that the earth is round, and in constant rotation, we do not believe it. Min Joon If you give up this opportunity will not go back, then he is likely to die in the earth. Go back to the modern time and space, Min Joon Chung did not believe Iraq would leave herself, she asked why so selfish Jun Min, Min Jun speechless, just sad to tears. Ode to leave Iraq crying, she got into a world of beauty car back to Seoul. Chung Yi home a cry, not even the crew received a call from the director was furious, requiring replace actor. Then Min Joon appeared, he told the director Chung Iraq because the intensity is too unwell to shoot into the hospital, the director of Iraq's natural fear of injury responsible for the song, as people had to reschedule sessions table.
Song Yi Jing-hui got to shoot the scene of the accident that day credits, he found his brother's name Li Shen men, who according to the list Contact telephone call in the past, only to be told is empty. Jing Jing Hui load encountered at home, and her mother asked him not to go to worship brother, said he was busy load Beijing, Beijing Hui rejected. Min Jun home, his heart is very upset, wanted to do nothing. Min Joon Chung Yi going to hear the Morning, also went along. He said he had something to say, but do not listen to him explain Chung Iraq, adding their own thing and has nothing Jun Min. Suddenly one of the female students like Min Joon appeared, has been pestering Jun Min To phone, also make a variety of provocative expression, Chung Yi immediately jealous, ran over to separate the two,louis vuitton new designer also told Min Joon have something to say now, or never mention. Song Yi Min Joon again proposed to not go, she asked why not leave non-Jun Min, Min Chun did not say anything, Chung Yi very disappointed if she told Min Joon go on quietly leave, do not let her be shaken, because she has been living in this place down. Min Jun talk about that, if this is the song of hope in Iraq, he would follow suit. Jun Min looked away in the back, leaving Iraq Chung tears, but she turned away to pull off two people who loved it so turn around and go, lopsided.
Jing Hui brother from her mother say that the cause of death was suffered a serious drunk driving accident, Hui Jing said brother never drank, drunk driving, how would my mother say autopsy results show Big Brother lifetime history of depression, Hui Jing brother feel optimistic character, it is impossible suffer from depression. Jing Hui investigation records to identify her brother's death, and Han Yu-ra case a comparison and found two cases have striking similarities, he increasingly suspected of carrying Beijing is the mastermind behind everything. Liu Jing Hui contacted prosecutors told him of their brother's suspicions. Jing Jing-hui will also contain the address to a mental hospital where the ex-wife of the prosecutor, he hopes to prevent his brother continue to go wrong.
Iranian president Chung Hung find complained Min Joon got the British herd, Min Joon get drunk, actually ran the song at midnight bed to sleep in Iraq. Song Yi Min Joon suddenly kissed, and then let him go, Min Jun unhappy, he asked that Iran is playing a song you own, Song Yi Min Joon said she just wanted to understand what their feelings. This is the song my mother suddenly want to come in Iraq, Iran called Min Joon Chung hurry back, but Min Joon suddenly super powers so bad, he had to climb back window. Yun was secretly went to see my father, seeing my father work very hard, he was very distressed.louis vuitton bucket purse Liu prosecutors went to a mental hospital, but the hospital insisted that there is no such a patient. Chung Yi chose a compromise, she wants in this last month, leaving the best memories and professors. Hui Jing own former sister rescued, in fact, help to complete Jun Min, Hui Jing Jing, contained about a sister called him to the side.
Song stuck in Iraq every day now Min Joon side, she was afraid Min Joon will walk away, do not even say a word goodbye. Min Joon Chung encircling Iraq, he told Chung Iraq he would not leave her alone, will not suddenly disappear, to her not to worry. Snow in the sky, the two embraced.

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