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Rune land
In Rune, the magic is everything.
Here, the magic is not just a mysterious energy concept. It is an entity of the substances that can be guided, forming, shaping and operations. Rune magic land with its own laws of nature. The results of random variation magic source of ecological change in the rules of science.
Rune to several continents, but all life is concentrated in the largest continent magic - Valoran. Valoran continent living in the land of Rune center, is the largest area of Rune continent.
Rune ground blessed a large source of ecological magical energy, but here people can touch them energy. Rune to the central area of focus of the huge amount of magical energy source ecology, these places are the ideal location for Crystal hub. Crystal hubs can be a source of raw energy shaping of their physical presence. In addition, you can also become a hub for energy crystal shop for magical energy building needs for energy. Rune Crystal hubs throughout the land, but the biggest Crystal hubs are located in Valoran continent. [1]
War College
War College is Valoran League ruling political disputes land. Here is absolutely
Phoenix ice
On neutral territory, and forbids any disputes. Violators will face college soldiers and magic. The college is located on top of a giant crystal hub, shaping by obsidian, precious metals and magic together. It is located between the northern entrance to the pass of Ron Mogg, mutually hostile city located just Marcia Bond and Noxus.
In addition to being the seat of the League of Legends, War College or Valoran's most authoritative military training institutions. Many libraries are committed to the information included in the Institute of War hero, and is open to all researchers. [1]
Internal War College is Mayuelisi occult center, part of the magic school, part of the magic storage sites, some of it is to hire brokerage office. Mayuelisi occult center is Summoners game gold trading center, whether novice or master are here to spend their earned from justice gold in exchange for items of interest to them. Summoner can consume gold in this, in exchange for the ability to summon a new incarnation of the defenders. [1]
Twisted jungle
Justice be called twisted jungle is one of the latest arena league. Most opponents of the Union, is still a mystery here is unknown. Twisted jungle ridge to the north of Iron Mountain a dense forest, located (this juncture the northern beaches and Valoran Noxian linking) between the city and the other main Zuan mark. Twisted jungle near Zuan only a few are not deforested, and perhaps this may explain why the arena terrain. Magic abuse - mainly from Zuan, of course, including war fighting countless runes) - twisted forest green environment, turning it into a strange exotic sight. Two crystal twisted jungle hub to hold more stability in the region of the physical environment.
Marcia Bond human city located in the western coast of Valoran. Common goal Demacian people is through the kindness and justice make everyone better off. They think viciously selfish like illness should be eradicated from the human soul. Demacian people came and settled here, with local residents and the same ideals and virtues. [1]
Bender City
Bender City is the land of Rune's oldest city, its history and Noxian 比德玛西亚 early. Bender city is Valoran's most isolated city - Jodl people like this. Although Jodl people are very friendly and mutual assistance, but the city's natural self-protection has prevented them from enjoying life. Bender City Scout (city defenses and archaeological team) familiar with every corner of Sable Mountain gap, their duty is to ensure that every one has a legitimate reason for the adventurers, so that they can be safely done. [1]
AO Virginia
AO Virginia is located outside the continental Valoran,louis vuitton outlet Noxian northeast. Although the main population of the country is composed of human beings, but some Jodl and other races will also be seen as a global home here. AO Virginia has many religious centers and schools. AO Virginia courts are recognized as a model for the whole Valoran fair and neutral. So AO Virginia judge is in addition to the League of Legends judge the most popular posts.
AO Virginia has long been affirmed on Valoran's political affairs to remain neutral, but this gesture does not allow AO Virginia from continental entanglements. Recently, the human power of Texas City, Barnes & Noble has conquered the target turned AO Virginia. In League of Valoran have the ability to influence the political affairs of the full before Noxian has launched a series designed to conquer AO Virginia campaign. AO Virginia successfully blocked the Noxian High Command attack. In fact, the stalemate between the Noxian war and AO Virginia, as well as trying to upgrade Noxian war subsequent move is one of the main incentives alliance established. [1]
Aika West
From the land between Voodoo until mountainous coastline, there is a forgotten land. Everyone thought it was a wilderness, destroyed in ancient runes battle sites. However, this is only the appearance of Aika West. Sodom strayed travelers usually destiny is death or forgotten, but no matter what kind of are probably kind of a relief. Here is the destruction of the earth, the sky remains of the ancient city of fog, full of decadent bizarre huge stone, and are some of the dark gods of terror. Here worship is endless void creatures.
Aika West are still inhabited, they had this dark place builders fallen descent. Almost all local residents acting handed down from ancient magic endless void. They waited for a few generations ago, has been studying in the book Forbidden forgotten prophecy. [1]
Peter Wolf

Peter Wolf is a peaceful city in northern Valoran, is committed to promoting the development of science and technology. Of course, there is also Peter Wolf territory magic, but the technology has been more widely used, and has become the first choice of the residents. "Magic is the technology engine fuel" It is public knowledge 皮尔特沃夫 of. Hexx technology is the 皮尔特沃夫 legal norms. [1]
Blue Flame Island
Blue Flame Island's ancient name was a mistake, in fact, the blue flame is Valoran mainland island city Jodl eastern coastline of three separate islands in general. During the Third Battle of runes, the largest war will lead to destructive magical powers islands shreds. A highly unstable with large rare magic bombs fell on the island, causing an explosion. Subsequent explosion destroyed not only the island's garrison exhausted, hot explosion also melted everything, add a layer of islands covered shell. Magic mixed with magma, from fragmented land surface ejected.
Water is blue flame Birgi extension building on the island, has been found to eighty years ago. It is the largest of three islands located in one, with a broad and easily defensible natural harbor, facing the east coast. Three island chain, the largest island is still the most stable. Water can be extended Birgi open to become a real city. Towns can not be a political entity, because it is already established kingdoms Valoran those shelters. Political and geographical environment makes this eventually became a haven for pirates, and develop into the land of Rune most lawless maritime smuggling centers. Countless pirates anchored in Birgi Waterford. Rune coming to countless pirate waters also allow the city to become an unofficial trade center, where you can find all kinds of treasure items, and even contraband
Zuan is located in the northern Valoran abuse of technology and magic city being distorted. Numerous notorious terrorist technological inventions and magic here. In fact, the original intention of the Government to set Zuan experiment is the protection of unhindered Zuan opposition forces. Establish the city's soul who had also in pursuit of academic freedom from Pete Wolf conservative law here. Zuan has excellent research, but the magic of science and research in the management and control of the loose indulgence, let Zuan become a dangerous place to live it. [1]

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