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1. phonetic. From gold, constricted (jiān) sound. (Jiǎn) Meaning: farm tools, namely a shovel. Tools once ancient times as a medium of exchange, followed by casting currency whom they imitate their shape,louis vuitton handbags replica so the idea was money, money
2. Metal currency. Especially coins [copper coin; copper cash]
One said goods also. Cargo ancient turtle shell and treasure. Zhoutai Gong Li won nine government law, but by spring, to Qin money spent shell line. - "Dictionary" Kai Notes
Tortoise shell money. - "Historical stabilization book." Solitude: "whose real name is Stephen, the words of such goods genial also."
Twenty-one years of King will cast a lot of money. - "Singer of the song." Note: "Money's, gold coins in the name of the ancient Yue Quan, said after the transfer of money."
Under the plot of money. - "Historical Records Official Book"
Sell the camp carbon have the money? - Tang Bai "Mai Tanweng"
Cover with money on it. - Xiu Song, "recorded the Country Life"
And money is not wet.
3. Another example: Qianyan (. Coins in the square hole metaphor refers to money); money price (converted into silver coins prices); Qian Fan (die cast metal currency used); Qian curtain (Money trowel coins back) ; money cord (rope wear money); money products (money texture, shape); money flower (money, copper)
4. generic term money, money [money; currency]. Such as: Money broker (operating merchant banks); Zenitani Muyou (official auspices of land tax affairs staff); Qian Yin (. Song Huizong Grand banknotes were first year, the depreciation of the money to pay the sub-lead)
5. things like coins [copper]
Empty room unattended line is born moss, or green, or purple, a green money. - Jin Choi Panther "Ancient note"
6. paper money [paper]. Such as: Money stack (clusters of paper money)
7. The name of an ancient farm tools. Cao Cao "Winter in October," "Money Bo parked, farming income product field." Meaning pack up tools are no longer in use. Money, and Bo are ancient tools, Bo is a hoe classes. Bo money here refers to tools.
● <the amount>
Heng name [mace]
Metric unit of weight.authentic louis vuitton speedy Tenth of a kilogram for a male or two. One male and one male and two are out of money
Municipal system weight. Chinese municipal system calculates a unit mass and weight. Jin is one tenth of a city or two, a city of two tenth of the money for a city
The old system to create a library level. Two of money tenth
4 Common phrases
Wallet qián bāo
[wallet; purse] put money packet
Mike lost his wallet
Coin qián bì
[coin]: issued by the government, there are mark, it has a certain value, or exchange value of the metal coins (and occasionally, such as leather, porcelain made of other materials);louis vuitton bags 30 set this kind of money, said
Qian Bo qián bó
[betrothal presents from the bridgroom's to the bride's family] refers to the dowry
By the mother of Qian Bo much. -. "New Poems Poems for the Making up Wife"
Money qián cái
[money] with the money meter property
Died, leaving all his money to charity
Banknote qián chāo
[money] refers to old money
Rouleaux, rouleaux children, rouleaux child
Purse qián dài
[money bag; bag] used to hold the money bag
Till qián guì
A loaded valuables [money chest] designed to prevent theft (such as cash, treasure) metal cabinet
Wallet qián jiā
clip [billfold] foldable used to hold banknotes
Qianliang qián liáng
[land tax;louis vuitton handbags authentic taxes on farm lands]: old land tax levied on money and food, but also refers to tax
Money minded fans qián mí xīn qiào
[be blinded by lust for gain] lust
Campbell this kid money minded fans it!
Money votes qián piào
[paper money; paper currency] notes, instead of metal currency in circulation paper certificates
Qiantang qián táng jiāng
[Qiantang River] Zhejiang Province, China's largest river, originates in the mountains Mountain in Anhui big tip, the Hangzhou Bay, the East China Sea injected a total length of 410 km. Try to lure guests to the famous Majestic
Paper money qián zhǐ
[mock paper money (burnt for the use of the departed spirits)] <Party>:authentic louis vuitton purses paper money
Burn paper
Banks qián zhuāng
[old-style Chinese private bank] of old, privately run shops financial industry, primarily engaged in deposits, loans, foreign exchange and other services
Money to rent qián zū
[currency ground rent] money as a means to pay rent; the generic term money rent

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